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Questions to ask Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA)

Updated: Apr 2

The following are a series of questions for Seventh-Day Adventists (SDA) that cover some of the more grievous and unBiblical errors of the Adventist religion.

There is a lot more to the SDA religion than going to church on Saturday. Do you know what it is? The following questions should bring some of that to light.

1. Is the Bible alone the Word of God, or does Ellen G. White's writings have equal value or maybe even greater value? Would you be willing to lay down your life for a single word of White’s writings, the way a true born again believer would be willing to lay down their life for a single word of the Bible?

Nothing could be more fundamental than this. If you don't have rock-solid explanations for the many false prophecies made by Ellen G. White, and positive, rock-solid reasons for believing White's writings are inspired 99% (while believing the Bible is only 1% inspired), that would be an issue that is absolutely central for you.

2. Does the true church worship the true God, or the devil? I rejoice that as an independent Baptist I am part of a lineage of churches that has believed in the same God and gospel from the 1st century when Christ founded us until now. Since the SDA denomination rejected the Trinity for many decades until early 20th century, how can they can be the true church? Scripture is very clear that people who don't believe in the Deity of Christ (Jn 8:24, 58) or God the Holy Spirit (Ac 19:1-6) are unsaved (cf. Jn 17:3). How could the SDA believers be true believers or their church the true church when its pioneers—including Ellen White, her husband, and her son, were anti-Trinitarians? How could they be fearing God and keeping His commandments, supposedly as part of what Rev 14 says, when they didn't even have the right God?

3. Who is Jesus? Is he Michael the Archangel, subordinate to the Father, with a sinful nature, a being capable of being destroyed for sinning, or is He the eternal, unchangeable, sinless God who, in His one Person, two in nature, was always the true sinless God and became the true sinless Man while never ceasing to be the sinless God?

4. What is justifying grace? Is it something that requires one to stop working to receive it (Rom 4:5; Matt 11:28-30), or is it the ability to do works and become as perfect as Jesus supposedly did with a sinful nature and so pass an Investigative Judgment?

5. Is Jesus the Mediator of all His people, so that nobody can come to the Father except through Him, or will many be saved without His mediation?

6. Does honest exegesis applied to texts on being absent from the body and present with the Lord, and on the lake of fire and Gehenna, really support annihilationism?

7. Does the blood of Christ forever remove sin from those who have it applied to them at the moment of saving faith, or does Christ's blood defile the heavenly sanctuary, while sin is not removed until Satan finally takes it away?

8. Does Christ perfect forever all of His people and keep them secure? Is His prayer in Jn 17:24 for all of His people answered, or can they lose their salvation if they don't continue to do enough works or some other reason, so that His prayer in Jn 17 is not answered?

9. Did God not give us 1 John so that those who are truly born again by faith in the Son of God can know that they have eternal life? Is eternal life not inseparable from salvation?

10. Is it appropriate for every believer to pray, "Forgive us our sins" daily, as in the model prayer, or are some now perfect so that they don't need to pray this anymore—indeed, must all who hope to be saved in the last generation pass beyond the model prayer?

11. Should Christians oppose the murder of people from conception until natural death, or should they be part of religious organizations, like the SDA denomination, that support legal abortion and kill pre-born children in SDA hospitals?

12. Based on NT teaching, did true churches worship on the first day of the week from the time of the Apostles onward because the Sabbath was fulfilled in Christ, or did every Christian worship on Saturday until an unnamed Pope in the 4th century made Sunday the Sabbath?

If you dear reader are a Seventh-Day Adventist, these are some of the issues that you really need to come to grips with. You are trapped in a false religion that paves the way to an eternity in the unquenchanble fires of hell. Read here on how you can be unshackled from your dead and false religion and be truly and genuinely born again.


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