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About 20/20 Scriptural Vision Ministry


Summary of Ministry

The purpose and reason for our ministry is to maintain and promote the true Word of God; to promote faith in God's Word; to endorse judging, righteous judging; affirm the truths of all God's Word; practice fidelity to the faith of Scripture and as our position as ambassadors of Christ; expose false doctrine and false teachers and promote Biblical separation; and to earnestly contend for the faith as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.


Do I Just Blog and Write Articles?

How is my time spent? Is writing blogs and articles the only thing I do with my time? Read to find out.

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My Personal Testimony of Salvation

Read my personal testimony of conversion, on how I was born again through God's grace and by repentant faith in the gospel my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



Want to write us? Though it may not be fancy as ink and quill, shoot us an email or fill out the comment box and we will do our best to write back in a timely fashion.

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