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Expose of the Slanderous Gospel Coalition (TGC) & A Superb Video on the Kyle Rittenhouse Witchhunt

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Of course Rittenhouse has a list of slanderers as long as a ten volume book, but how sad is it when so-called professing Christians demonstrate the same lack of discernment and judgment as the heathens do. Peddling the same evil lies as Mainstream Media (MSM), is none other than The Gospel Coalition (TGC), among other “conservative” media. It’s a “surprise, surprise” moment, since it’s nothing new for TGC. At TGC, if you are in the camp, a false teacher can break the 9th Commandment with impunity. The following article further proves that TGC is deeply corrupt.

On Aug 29th, 2020, four days after the events in Kenosha, TGC writer K. Edward Copeland wrote a lament about the month of August titled, “Why I Hate August,” which fixates on Kyle Rittenhouse. Copeland writes:

“Kyle Rittenhouse killed people in the middle of the street (on camera and in front of witnesses) and then, smoking rifle at his side, casually strolled past law enforcement. He didn’t run away. He didn’t hide. He showed no fear. He assumed there was something about his person that would allow him to approach law enforcement with a visible semi-automatic weapon that had just taken lives—and live to tell about it. More than a few witnesses pointed out that he had just shot several people. Yet he was able to leave the scene and the state. When armed mass shooters (Kyle Rittenhouse, Dylan Roof, etc.) are apprehended without incident, and unarmed black people are killed out of fear that they might be armed, we have a more insidious problem than “a few bad apples.” This thing is cultural, pervasive, and abominable.”

This hit piece on a white man by a black divisive, racist, race baiter, "liar, evil beast, slow belly" (Ti 1:12) is almost entirely untrue, and his feigned conception of August in the article is as pagan as a horoscope, and quite selective in its historicity. Copeland, writing in a “Christian” publication had no qualms about slanderously lumping Kyle in with Dylan Roof who shot up a black church in South Carolina, or the sex offender Jacob Blake. This is “white supremacy” slander by a divisive hater that set up the “egregious contrast” between the treatment of blacks in August and Kyle.

Kyle showed no fear? He didn’t run away? He was fleeing for his life after he defended himself. And he CLEARLY gave himself up to the police. When that didn’t work, he voluntary went to the police station and turned himself in. And Kyle killed no black people, but bagged himself a convicted wife beater, pedophile and robber, what could be rightly called the “Kenosha Hat Trick.”

In the midst of the lies, he attempts to play the victim with his “trauma” and “hurt heart,” but that’s a red herring. TGC has a habit of focusing on their opposition, to delegitimize their criticism and scoff at the idea that they have strayed from orthodoxy into error and heresy. For men like Copeland, becoming woke is akin to a “conversion” experience. So yes, I will “castigate [him] for these observations” as anyone should that loves the truth.

Copeland, the unashamed and unrepentant purveyor of lies and one that severely lacks discernment while simultaneously believing MSM lies as gospel truth, has kept his “abominable” article online with its “Critical Race Theory,” in spite of Rittenhouse’s acquittal. Rittenhouse shouldn't overlook it. He should have them charged with defamation of character.

It wasn’t until Nov 24, 2021, that the TGC editor in chief, Collin Hansen, finally commented on it, but only to soften the slanderous rhetoric. Of course they didn’t pull it, even though it was entirely slanderous. Nothing really changed, only an admittance that “Jacob Blake was armed with a knife” and regret for “referring to Kyle Rittenhouse as a “mass” shooter.” And this only came after calls were made for Rittenhouse to sue TGC.

Though Copeland and TGC are not the most egregious offenders of slander, they should be charged for libel and defamation of character. This would be most advantageous for the sake of transparency and the truth and accountability.

Copeland had titled his article “Why I hate August” in spite of his reasoning that he was “born in August” and then “As a child, confessed Christ in August” and then later “As an adult” he “vowed fidelity to [his] bride in August.” Those are the three most important events in any persons life . . . that is, if one is actually truly born again. Nothing on earth including what transpired at Kenosha would take away the joy of August, especially the middle one, for the saint. But it did for Copeland and I don’t think it’s difficult to see why. His spurious confession: “As a child, I professed Christ,” clears away all the smoke and mirrors. He should repent and be truly converted, and then he'll have eyes to see and heart to understand, and actually repent of his slander of an innocent man.

This is an ungodly article authored by an ungodly heretic, false professor and false teacher (Matt 7:15). The fact that TGC associates with, supports and hires heretical purveyors of hate such as this, speaks volumes to the serious issue of non-discernment, pride and unregeneracy in that camp. I am fairly certain they would rather circle the wagon and defend men like Copeland caught with their pants around their ankles, than defend the truth.

And last but not least, here is the extremely well done video on the truth of the Kyle Rittenhouse ordeal. Click on the picture:


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