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"The Chosen" — Unscriptural, Heretical, and Blasphemous; Yet Enjoyed by Many Professing Christians

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

First of all,

Secondly, after a month break from writing we are back with the intentions of putting out an average of 1-2 reports/week, roughly one every four days, though that could be extended to seven days. I would like to say two per week, but other priorities exist in life that cannot be neglected, so two might be an aim to high. That is however our goal. We also endeavour to keep the reports at a decent length, not requiring to much of your valuable time, though some of the reports may carry a load just short of a doctoral thesis. We pray all carry some weight, conviction, reproof and edification, and that the Lord of Glory be glorified. Here is an urgent one, a subject ensnaring many professing Christians in these end times of apostasy -- that concerning the TV series The Chosen.

The Chosen is a drama television series created, directed, co-written by filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, the chief publicist, supposedly on the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. It has acquired almost a cult-like following among many professing believers. Millions of Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons and others have paid to watch the series. It has been described as a “global phenomenon” and “movement” creating the groundwork for world “revival.” However, this so-called “Christian” TV series is far from a faithful adaptation of Scripture, and there are some very, very serious concerns. The Chosen is almost entirely unscriptural, heretical and blasphemous, and its true and actual intentions are to change how the "Christian" world and non-religious world view who Jesus is and Christianity. And what is that view? A new and different "Jesus" that is ecumenical, cool, hip, in line with pop-culture, non-holy, non-serious, non-righteous, relaxed, not-serious, tolerant, worldly, non-dogmatic, changing-with-culture, and Mormon. Yes, the Mormons are conditioning non-Mormon professing Christians to accept the Mormon Counterfeit Jesus, as they want nothing more than to be accepted as mainstream Christians. But they are not true Bible Christians. Far from it. I do really wish they were, but they're not, and the Bible makes that extremely clear. They are a dangerous counterfeit of Christianity, of the true biblical Jesus and of His gospel, and truth itself. Sadly, those who do not know the Word of God, which are almost entirely unsaved false professing Christians, whom make up majority of professing Christians today, are being deceived.

Some men further reveal the fact that they are indeed false teachers, by promoting this evil, diabolical and Satanic TV series to their many followers (though there is a lot of other proof for that). Men like Jack Hibbs (source, time 4:30) and Kirk Cameron (source). But that is unsurprising in evangelicalism land, which is practically 💯% heretical.

For true born again believers, God warns,

"Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily." (Col 2:8-9)
"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (1 Jn 4:1)

The entire film is sacrilegious, revolting and cringeworthy. Yet it parades itself as a Christian movie based upon the Bible, representing Jesus Christ. It is horrendous, but that doesn't stop professing Christians from watching this trash and giving accolades. Unbelievable. The heretical and unscriptural entertainment accepted today by professing Christians is unsurprising when we consider what Paul says about the nature and attitude of majority so-called believers in these last times:

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." (2 Tim 4:3-4)

Here are some of the more important reasons why The Chosen must be utterly rejected for its heresy, unBiblical teachings, evil perversion of truth and the Bible, and gross blasphemy.

1. The Chosen's Idolatry and Blasphemy, The Biggest and Most Glaring Issue.

I’ll start with this, as it seems to be the most obvious, and also the most condemning towards professing Christians that watch this unBiblical show, many of which are unsaved. Purposefully condemning, because they need to be condemned (Gal 6:7-8; Ti 2:15).

It's also the most important reason why it's not even necessary to watch this series to discern that it's unbiblical, ungodly, and utterly blasphemous.

People, worldly professing Christians mostly, attempt to make the argument that Biblical movies are great motivators for people to get into the Bible. Really? I have yet to come across one person where that ever happens. It doesn't. Its fiction invented in the mind of rebel against God's Word, who couldn't care less about what the Bible truly says, but is far more interested in following after his "own heart" and lusts of his flesh. Furthermore, most people would far rather watch a highly dramatized Bible story with little concern that it’s fiction than read the actual words of Scripture and obey what they read. Let's says someone was lead to read the Bible, as rare as that would be; what happens when they can’t find practically any of the movie scenes of The Chosen in the Bible?

The Chosen TV series professes to be true to the Bible’s teachings, as well as a faithful representation of the Bible’s stories and characters yet the Bible, which declares itself to be inerrant and infallible in all that it teaches, as well as God’s authority in every word and command, the very Word of God, which condemns any attempt to visually represent the content and characters of the Bible (which the TV series does). Right off the bat, before even getting into the meat and potatoes of what is being taught and entertained, we can see The Chosen completely off the rails already. Why? Because it claims to visually represent Scripture — while in direct and blatant disobedience to the Scriptures.

Was the Word of God as given through the Holy Spirit insufficient in presenting the character of Jesus Christ until the motion picture medium was invented?

All Bible-based movies are visual translations and interpretations of the words and narrative presented in the Bible. If a professing Christian was aware that the Bible condemns visual translations and interpretations of the Scriptures, there should be no need to continue to watch or even evaluate a movie or video series based upon the Bible before rejecting them. But does the Bible denounce any such attempts to translate/interpret it through a visual medium?

Yes, it most certainly does, in many indisputable ways.

Though there is a lot of unscriptural opinions and worldly philosophy, misrepresentation of the Bible and truth in this series, the first issue that stands above all others is that of making images of God the Son which is idolatry and blasphemy. The entire series is idolatrous, presenting an image of God which is absolutely forbidden by Scripture. This is reason enough not to touch this unclean thing. To have a picture or anything resembling Christ on your wall, book, video or any other medium, is idolatry. And that is transgression of the second commandment (Ex 20:4-6; De 4:23-25):

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.” (Ex 20:4-6)

God forbids any to worship Him with “pictures . . . [or] images” (Num 33:52), for worship with an “image . . . the LORD thy God hateth” (De 16:22). This prohibition forbids the making of any pictures of God, as well as practices such as bowing down before statues or pictures (Ezk 8:10), even with the intent to worship God, not the pictures or statues. Jn 4:24 declares,

“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

All physical images of God necessarily misrepresent Him. As an invisible Spirit He is immaterial and cannot be pictured, whether by still or moving picture. The Lord commands mankind to offer Him spiritual worship as commanded in His Word, not worship with images. Since Jesus Christ is God, no images of Him should be made.

Character descriptions are limited, at best, and must be added in order for a casting director to select the actors. Along that line, how does one cast the sinless Son of God, Son of Man, Jesus Christ? The perfect attributes and righteous characteristics of the Son of God could never be displayed by any actor on the screen. When such an idea is incorporated into the script, the end result is a counterfeit Christ at best. In fact, such an attempt fits the very definition of blasphemy as one strives to apply human characteristics to Jesus that undermine His divine, sinless character. Any effort to translate the Bible into a visual medium must result in a veritable distortion of God’s Word which is a reason such attempts are condemned.

The Trinity is undivided, and prohibitions of images of God include not only God the Father but also God the Holy Ghost and God the Son. Christ’s human nature is not divided from His Divine nature; He is one Person with two natures, and no image can, therefore, correctly represent Him as the Person He is. No image could be made to represent Jesus Christ’s Divine nature, since that is invisible and spiritual. Nor can any image correctly represent the awe-inspiring glorified body He received after His resurrection. One who saw His glorified humanity fell at his feet as dead (Rev 1:10-18); no image can make this happen. No image correctly represents His human nature during His earthly ministry, for the Bible records nothing of His appearance at that time (cf. 1 Pet 1:8; 2 Cor 5:16).

At any rate, is it possible for anyone to replicate the Son of God, the Son of the Highest, the Son of the Blessed, the Lord thy God, the Lord of the Sabbath, the Word who was with God and was God, the Lamb of God, the only begotten Son, the Messiah, the Alpha and the Omega, the King of kings and Lord of lords, Who comes with these and many more Authoritative titles?

Nor does God save anyone through some visual means. He does not save or sanctify outside of His Word alone.

If you have attempted to worship God using images, such as moving images of The Chosen, you are a wilful transgressor of God's commandments (Ex 20:4-6) and are guilty of an abomination of God, worshipping with an “image . . . the LORD thy God hateth” (De 16:22). Rather than making pictures of Christ or having pictures of Christ in your home or watching movies that present Christ, view Jesus Christ in His ineffable glory by faith through the Word—for then the Holy Spirit will progressively change you into His moral likeness (2 Cor 3:18).

In spite of this clear Scriptural injunction against images, it doesn’t stop professing Christians from watching The Chosen which is loaded with idolatrous and degrading images of Christ, from start to finish. I criticize even those who watch it and then come to realize it’s not biblical after all. Why? Because the issue begins with the intention of entertaining something that is idolatrous and blasphemous to begin with. Why touch the unclean thing (2 Cor 6:17)? "And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?" (2 Cor 6:16). This is reflective of the serious drought of discernment in Christiandom, and that of course is clearly caused by unregeneracy, since saved people have discernment in all matters, while false professors practice a false form of discernment, one that is guided more by their feelings and opinions than by every word in the Word of God. Many passages speak to this crucial element of salvation, that of spiritual discernment, such as 1 Cor 2:15-16; 1 Th 5:21-22; Eph 5:5-11; Heb 5:12-6:2; etc, and the juxtaposition on the other side of this spectrum: not exercising discernment, habitual disobedience practiced and replacing Biblical truth with experience. The end-product is double-mindedness, unsound doctrine, experience and feelings trumping truth and sound doctrine, and consequently truck loads of error, scripture corruption, sin and worldliness, and the result, an absence of discernment concerning blasphemous images of the Son of God.

No true born again Christian touches idolatrous heresy like this with a ten foot pole. He abhors even the very thought of it.

This point condemns the entertainment of videography that attempts to portray God the Son. One needs no further explanation as to why God's Word forbids such entertainment. Yet there is much more that condemns this series as unBiblical, ungodly, heretical and evil, which naturally would be the case when the entire foundation is unscriptural, corrupt and blasphemous.

2. The Chosen is Mormonism Repackaged.

Though they may claim that The Chosen is not produced by Mormons or has Mormon influence, facts and truth paint an entirely different picture.

The executive producers of The Chosen are Mormon. Actually. Two of the three, Derral Eves and Brad Pelo, are not only Mormons but actual bishops in the Mormon church! In season three, the credits inform us there was bit of a shakeup, an additional man, Ricky Ray Butler is also an executive producer, and he likewise is a Mormon. At the end of season 3, the Temple Mormon Derral Eves becomes the big cheese in this production.

The Chosen series was initiated and inspired from a partnership between Dallas Jenkins, an evangelical filmmaker, and three Mormon businessmen, Jeffrey and Neal Harmon and Derral Eves, after the three men viewed a film written and directed by Jenkins called The Shepherd. So the Mormon influence on The Chosen is considerable: the business men behind the production are Mormon; the executive producers have been Mormon, the distributor is Mormon, certain episodes were shot on a special Mormon set in Utah, and the crowdfunding and media expertise is provided by Mormons. Further, The Chosen is funded and distributed through Angel Studios which is a Mormon-owned company, giving the series a group to cater to in its writing. Unsuccesfully, Jenkins has attempted to settle the issue over the considerable Mormon influence.

Brad Pelo, one of the Mormon Executive Producers of The Chosen, and the driving force behind The Chosen Christmas Special made the following statement:

"So I love the fact that our communities are coming together with our celebration, our worship, and our faith.” (source, time 1:10:40).

Pelo seems to understand quIte well that The Chosen is all about Mormonism.

But Mormonism is about as contrary to the Word of God as a religion can get. It is an extremely heretical cult. Maybe only Islam beats Mormonism, but both are equally evil.

Below is a short list of some of the “attributes” of the Mormon Jesus and official dogmas of the Mormon Church (LDS):

  • The Mormon “God” is a man (he has a physical body, testified by Joseph Smith, who allegedly saw him -- ah, no he didn't) who as a sinner was redeemed by another “Jesus” on another planet and who has a hierarchy of “Gods” (also exalted men) over him.

  • "Jesus Christ" was not always God but earned his way to godhood just as Mormons will become gods someday.

  • The work of the Mormon "Jesus" was insufficient for man’s salvation, and to complete salvation one has to believe in the false prophet Joseph Smith that he came from God to restore the church (i.e., Smith takes a role in a persons salvation).

  • "Jesus Christ" is the spirit brother of Lucifer (of whom we are all half-brothers and sisters) and is not God from all eternity but came to this earth to get a body in order to become a “God.” That body was formed when the Mormon “god” came to earth and with his physical body and had sexual intercourse with Mary.

  • "Jesus Christ" is a spirit child conceived through physical means between an exalted man (the Mormon god) and the virgin Mary.

  • "Jesus Christ" is not eternal and had a beginning (i.e., not part of the eternal Trinity).

  • The Mormon "Jesus" is a polygamist. The Mormon "Apostles" Orson Pratt and Orson Hyde taught that "Jesus Christ was married at Cana of Galilee, that Mary, Martha, and others were his wives, and that he begat children” (Journal of Discourses, 2:210). As did the polygamists fourth Mormon President/Prophet Wilford Woodruff and tenth President/Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith. This also fits Mormon dogma, since an unmarried and childless Jesus would disqualify him from the pathway to becoming a god. The Chosen producers find it a "laughable assertion" that "the beliefs some of the producers supposedly have about Jesus having multiple wives. Patently false." I would doubt that this Mormon doctrine of Jesus' polygamy would be considered by the committed Mormon producers a "laughable assertion."

  • Mormon doctrine, Joseph Smiths restored "gospel," is a very busy time of the gospel of works. They teach that without our own righteousness, there is no forgiveness of sins (contrary to the entire Bible and the gospel, especially Rom 4:1-8 and more). This is what the 3rd Article of Faith of the LDS Church says: "We believe that through the atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the law, and ordinances of the gospel." In the book of Nephi 25:23, we read further instructions on this: "...for we know that is by grace that we are saved after all we can do." To be a true believer, you also have to be baptized and confirmed in the LDS church. Mormon elders then confer the Holy Ghost upon the new "believer" in the power of the Melchizedek priesthood. Then you have to tithe, always and faithfully, never neglecting it even once, and always wear temple garments underneath black t-shirts, and learn secret handshakes and passwords that will one day take you through the veil and into celestial glory where you can become a god. This is the false gospel (Gal 1:8-9) and "damnable heresies" (2 Pet 2:1) of the Mormon church.

  • Eternal life to the Mormon is exaltation to godhood, and, being far from being the gift of God’s grace, takes much effort and eons of time to achieve—an ambition supposedly shared by every true Mormon male.

  • Mormons believe that a baby is born without a sin nature, which is heretical and contrary to Scripture (e.g. Rom 5). Further, they claim that a child becomes accountable before God when they reach the age of eight. Where does the Bible teach that?! Nowhere is about right. As is as normal as breathing air, Mormons have done a lot of adding to God's Word.

  • Mormon women can only hope to become goddesses consigned to eternal pregnancy as they give birth to spirit beings who will eventually people another planet with another Adam and Eve, a fall into sin, and another “Jesus.” It is a process that has been going on forever and will continue ad infinitum, ad absurdum.

  • The process of becoming a member of the LDS church and then retaining that membership is completely works based, idolatrous and blasphemous. A large component of retaining membership is tithing. The false Mormon god requires money and lots of it, and without your continual faithful tithing dues paid, you cannot ever enter into the third heaven, the celestial heaven, the highest heaven where God allegedly resides according to LDS dogma. Thus, the Jesus-flavoured Mormon church is a multi-billion dollar organization. Mormon dogma is based on tithing works, but the Bible doesn't warn in vain that we become like the false gods and idols that we worship: "They that make them are like unto them; so is every one that trusteth in them." (Ps 115:8). Hence the incredible greed amongst the Mormon people, because they serve the god of mammon. Watch here for the trail of Mormon money in The Chosen.

The Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) are bought out to hierarchical dogmatism and ungodly authoritarianism comparable to that of Roman Catholicism. The “Ward Teachers’ Message” for June 1945 made the following frightful statement:

“When our leaders speak, the thinking has been done. When they propose a plan, it is God’s plan. . . . When they give direction, it should mark the end of controversy. God works in no other way.”

Mormons are not true Biblical-based Christians. Anyone that treats a Mormon like he is a Christian, is very biblically ignorant and spiritually naive at a very frightful level. In other words, very likely lost. The Bible warns of false christs and false gospels (2 Cor 11:4) and there are many, including Mormonism. False teachers use the same language as sound Bible teachers but they have a different dictionary. Jesus warned of many who would call Him Lord and even do many wonderful works but they are far from being saved (Matt 7:21-23).

This is Mormonism.

3. The Chosen Presents a Completely Different Jesus than the True Jesus of God's Word.

In 2 Cor 11:4 Paul the apostle warns that false teachers will teach and present a "Jesus" that is not the real and authentic Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, and that some people in the Corinth church may well "bear with" such false teachers, which has the idea of being patient or tolerant of their false teachings (not just false Jesus, but false gospel and false spirit) of the false teacher:

"For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him."

Dallas Jenkins has publicly proclaimed repeatedly, that the Mormon Jesus is the same Jesus as the Jesus of the Bible.

In an interview Jenkins did in 2020 on a Mormon program, he stated:

"I can honestly say . . . one of the top three most fascinating and beautiful things about this project has been my growing brother and sisterhood with people of the LDS community that I never would have known otherwise and learning so much about your faith tradition and realizing, gosh, for all the stuff that maybe we don’t see eye to eye on, that all happened, that’s all based on stuff that happened after Jesus was here. The stories of Jesus, we do agree on, and we love the same Jesus. That’s not something that you often hear. . . . I mean I’ll sink or swim on that statement, and it’s controversial, and I don’t mind getting criticized at all for the show, and I don’t mind being called a blasphemer. . . . I’ve made it very clear that if I go down, I’m going down swinging protecting my friends and my brothers and sisters . . . I don’t deny we have a lot of theological differences, but we love the same Jesus." (source, time 9:30)

He "loves the same Jesus" as his Mormon "brothers and sisters"? As pointed out last point, the "Jesus" of the LDS church is just a man who as a sinner was redeemed by another “god” on another planet; has a hierarchy of “Gods” (and men) over him; has not always been God but became a god through works; was insufficient in securing man's salvation; is the spirit brother of Lucifer; was a spirit child conceived through physical means; is not eternal but had a beginning; etc. These and many other teachings of LDS clearly show that Mormonism's "Jesus" is not the same as the Jesus of the Bible. These doctrines of the LDS church are gross heresy.

Yet, this is allegedly the same "Jesus" that evangelical Jenkins worships. And Mormons are his brothers and sisters [obviously implied in a spiritual sense]. Wow. How terribly deceived can a false believer get? Jenkins should give heed to 2 Cor 4:3-4, a passage with people just like him in reference:

"But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."

Jenkins attempt to legitimize Mormonism as true Christianity and to bring it into the evangelical fold is futile in light of what the Word of God so clearly teaches.

The “Jesus” of The Chosen tells his disciples and global TV audience to “get used to different.” The true Jesus of the Bible however emphasized the very opposite—beware of different. The true Biblical Jesus Christ warns to beware of a different Christ—a false Christ—who will pretend to be Him (Matt 24:3-5, 15, 24). God reiterates and magnifies this warning about the coming of a different Christ—Antichrist—in Rev 13 and 14. Paul the Apostle also warned of "another Jesus" taught and depicted by false teachers (2 Cor 11:4, 12-15).

The producers have attempted to argue that “get used to different” was just a fly by comment, but why then has this statement become the flagship motto for the series? It’s emblazoned on Chosen clothing merchandise and other paraphernalia; and Chosen actors and staff often wear “get used to different” T-shirts when being interviewed or making a speech. The owners of the series even applied for a U.S. Trademark back in Jan 2022, for this apparently "benign" and "innocent" motto. The truth is, they are presenting a "different Jesus" and a "different gospel" by a "different spirit" (cf. 2 Cor 11:4) because their hearts are far from God (Mk 7). Though Mk 7:6 is referring to the Jewish people, the principle remains true for all people:

"He answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me."

The Jesus they recreate on film is one that targets certain age groups, to help spoon feed these groups either "the unicorn‐poop‐flavored kind, or maybe it’s the Jesus kind." In a book written by Executive Producer of The Chosen and Mormon Bishop Derral Eves, The YouTube Formula, we find the actual insights of their marketing techniques, and needless to say, zero allegiance to the Word of God is found, zero Biblical integrity, but complete allegiance to the flesh of man and the god of this world:

"On a big project like [The Chosen], we do a multiday lockdown marketing session, but beforehand, we have several brainstorming sessions to get a good handle on who the right viewer persona would be. . . . we realized that Gen X and millennial women are the biggest spenders online, so our target buyer persona was females aged 25 to 45. We targeted the people who were the community, school, and church volunteers, the I‐love‐Jesus type. . . . Some of our biggest contributors said they donated money because someone had pushed it to them—that someone was usually a person who fit our target persona profile (our buyer strategy worked!). In just a few short weeks, we were able to get tens of thousands of Facebook followers. . . . The essence here is that the more you understand and relate to your audience and create content for them, the more YouTube will connect the dots and feed them their preferred flavor of ice cream, so to speak. Maybe it’s the unicorn‐poop‐flavored kind, or maybe it’s the Jesus kind. . . .You have to keep going back to look at your data and reevaluate. The more data that comes in, the more patterns you will see and the better you will be able to shift your strategy as needed to make better decisions about your content. . . . let me tell you how my partners and I built a loyal following around . . . The Chosen, and it has nothing to do with religion. Every client I work with is required to read a book called Primal Branding that teaches the fundamentals of community building. . . . As The Chosen’s community grew, our Creed changed based on feedback and interactions with our followers. . . .“Get used to different” became a catchphrase that viewers really responded to. So it became a Creed. . . . The same thing happened with the phrase, “Binge Jesus.” Our viewers latched onto it, and we integrated it into our Creed."

In other words, The Chosen’s popularity can mostly be attributed to adjusting the content to fit into what the “community” of targeted viewers want to see. Underlying what on the surface appears to be a project affirmed by God (as is claimed by its creators) is a well-researched, market-driven, and calculated formula to make The Chosen successful and “different.” This on the back of the Bible, as they dramatize the life of Jesus Christ.

These men are evil but then again Mormonism is evil.

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." (Matt 7:15)

They add to God's Word and to the character of Jesus. Apparently, many misguided, undiscerning and very likely unsaved professing Christian watchers, 99% according to Dallas Jenkins, loved the line “I am the Law of Moses,” delivered by the Jesus character. This is eerily similar to, “I am the law” in the Mormon text. At this charge, Jenkins claims that he’s never read the Book of Mormon and just wanted Jesus to own the Pharisees in a moment. He claims that the line was “theologically plausible,” his standard, which speaks volumes to the deluded and diabolical attitude of this man towards Scripture. Biblically, the line is a flawed and false metaphor which is why it’s found nowhere in the inspired canonization of Scripture, including in none of the Deity, “I am” statements.

Jesus is not the law of Moses. He created the law of Moses.

The Chosen supports pride/sodomy evil, as noted in the recent discovery of pride flags on the production set, which they defended after facing severe criticism on social media.

In other words, the "Jesus" of The Chosen staff is fine with the evil sin of sodomy, even though He once bar-b-q'd and obliterated two entire cities because of it.

Jordon Ross, a pride-sodomy-homo loving pervert wrote on twitter in response to this,

"As one of the actors on The Chosen, I am so proud of the love and acceptance displayed on our set every day. That’s not going to change no matter what some hateful critics say."

Ross followed this up by informing us that the flag was on set every day and implied homosexuality is heavily supported by the cast and crew ("My brother @GCairo06 isn’t the only one who stands by the LGBTQ members of our Chosen family"), followed by invoking unrighteousness and Jesus:

"get outta here with your hate, homophobia and ignorance. Not very Jesus-like of you, Jonny."

It’s exceedingly clear well into the production of the fourth season, that the cast of The Chosen have absolutely NO idea who the Lord Jesus Christ is, even though they claim to present,

"a historical period of time or characters . . . with the Bible as our primary source of truth and inspiration."

The primary historic person presented throughout The Chosen is a fictitious "Jesus Christ." The characterization of Him whom the Bible declares is God manifested in the flesh is as far removed from "the primary source of truth" as heaven is from hell.

In the many interviews of Dallas Jenkins it becomes very apparent that the "Jesus" he believes in is a different Jesus than the true One found in Scripture. Especially in the interviews with Mormon apologist David Snell, where they both agree that they believe in the same Jesus — that would be the LDS Jesus and the evangelical Jesus that Mr. Jenkins professes to believe in. In a sense they are right; they both believe in a false Jesus (2 Cor 11:4, 12-15).

They may rationalize that the series exposes people to Jesus, but it is a "Jesus" of their own making, not the real one from the Bible. It is “another Jesus” to be sure (2 Cor 11:4).

This invention of "another Jesus' is the fruit of their unregenerate, evil, idolatrous and blasphemous hearts, and Jenkins is right on board with that, as is the blasphemous show The Chosen.

4. The Chosen Adds to and Omits from the Word of God.

The Chosen series professes to be true to the Bible’s teachings, as well as a faithful representation of the Bible’s stories and characters, yet it repeatedly misrepresents the Bible, and adds and omits massive amounts of things from Scripture. There is a tacit rejection of the sufficiency of Scripture, of sound doctrine, or righteous godly and non-worldly living, and it’s utterly blasphemous.

We're told that the backstories given throughout The Chosen were all made up by the series screenwriters, yet we're also told that the made-up stories encourage people to read the Bible. This is fraught with confusion and delusion, how can anyone who is new to reading the Bible discern fully that which is true? Especially when The Chosen and the Bible contradict each other, which they do repeatedly. The backstories, numerous scene additions and actor character details are nowhere found in Scripture. And what happens when the audience reads the Bible but finds massive contradictions between the Bible and the fiction created by heretics? Who are they to believe? What would the production say to that question?

Let's consider a few of an endless array of examples of how The Chosen adds to or omits God's Word.

The producers of the The Chosen have declared,

"That the show is INSPIRED by the Bible, not based on it verse by verse, and from the first frame of the show, we encourage people to read the Scriptures."

"Inspired by" is used in theatrical movie productions to imply that historical accuracy is involved, but its simply a religious cover for The Chosen's artistic license which constitutes blasphemy.

The actor portraying Jesus says things and does things not found anywhere in the Word of God. This is blatant disregard to the inspired Holy Scriptures, and criminal in adding to God's Word (Rev 22:18-19).

Did Jesus need help from His disciples (such as Matthew) in preparing the Sermon on the Mount?

— Jesus' first miracle was not casting out Mary Magdalenes demons.

The Chosen’s "Jesus" says in Season 2 that he is starting a “revolution” and invites everyone to “partner” with him in “the healing of the world.” (source, also in S1E7). But the true Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, Heaven and Earth, said He did not come to bring universal healing, or partnership or peace in the world, but rather “division”—to separate those who desire and obey truth from those who oppose and disobey it:

"Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:" (Lk 12:51)

— Did Jesus draw children to Himself in such crude and juvenile manner as illustrated in The Chosen Season 1, Episode 3 (making belching, flatulence noises, and speaking in irreverent language)? Is this the King of kings and Lord of lords, the One that said, if you've seen Me, you've seen the Father? Jenkins says this episode he wrote himself, and it speaks volumes to the absolute heretical and perverted view he has of God the Son. What a blasphemer and evil beast!

Where in Scripture do we find Jesus "entertaining" children by "blowing raspberries”?

— Vengeance “maybe” belongs to God but it also might not??

— The "Jesus" of The Chosen believes in haunted houses with ghosts of dead grandmothers?? Wow, this isn't only unbiblical, its occultist.

— Does the Bible teach us to follow after own heart? This is what the false "Jesus" of The Chosen claims many times, including in S1E7, where a man playing Nicodemus asks "Jesus" whether "the kingdom of God is really coming"?

"What does your heart tell you?"

Not what does Scripture say, but "What does your heart tell you?" Wow, what horrible perversion and misguided trajectory. And dangerous! Nowhere in the Bible are we ever told to look to our own hearts to determine truth. Or to go by our feelings as a as a litmus test, as a measurement of truth. The Biblical Jesus would never ask you "what does your heart tell you?" The human heart is the last place we should go to determine truth. Jer 17:9 is one passage that tells us why,

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"

Pr 14:12,

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

Pr 28:26a,

"He that trusteth in his own heart is a fool:"

Rom 10:17,

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

— They add to the Word of God in making a problem with "Andrew's feet." Simon then asks "Jesus," "so will you help him?" To which "Jesus" responds, "Some things even I cannot do." This follows with raucous laughter. Jenkins when asked about this in an interview claimed that it was just a joke.

Its actually serious blasphemy. There is nothing that God the Son couldn't do. In Lk 1:17, God the Son declared, "For with God nothing shall be impossible." Matt 19:26, "...with God all things are possible." The incarnate God could've healed Andrews feet, if the problem had actually existed. But it likely didn't, since it exists nowhere in Scripture. They just made it up and added to the Bible as if its truth. And the irreverence and treating of the sacred with sacrilege, is unbelievable. This isn't funny, even though its a big joke to these wicked devils that made this series and participated in it, but also with those who enjoy this evil trash, all of which will have a very long eternity in the fires of hell.

— In S1E7, John 3 and the new birth is perverted by the producers and actor and adding to what the Word of God says. In fact, the new birth is made a mockery of.

In a 2021 interview, Dallas Jenkins claims that God told him that the Chosen would be a "definitive portrayal of my people":

"I felt like God was saying like [The Chosen] is going to be the definitive portrayal of my people, and this is what people are going to think of around the world when they think of my people, and I’m [God] not going to let you screw it up." (source, time 14:26).

In other words, Jenkins is proclaiming that everything in the series has been approved by God, just as if its Scripture. And what’s more, God isn’t going to let Jenkins mess any of it up, even though Jenkins went to Mormons to help create, produce, and promote The Chosen and develop a “definitive portrayal” of the church, and even though most of the content of The Chosen is not found in the Bible (by Jenkins’ own admission).

Obviously Jenkins did not test what he heard or felt by the Scriptures, as the Scriptures instruct us, to see whether these voices or feelings were of God,

"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (1 Jn 4:1)

Could it be true that the true and living God of the Bible would actually tell Dallas Jenkins that The Chosen would be a “definitive portrayal” of His people (which would be referencing true born again believers) when most of the content is not even in the Bible and is purely made up while being advanced as Biblical truth, and there is gross heresy and worldliness galore, and the very series itself is idolatrous blasphemy? Absolutely not. Wouldn’t this put The Chosen above God’s Word? Of course it would. But according to Scripture, God puts His Word even higher than His name, which tells us the infinite value of God's Word:

"I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name." (Ps 138:2)

And furthermore, God doesn't give special revelation to anyone anymore, through visions or voices or dreams, etc. His revelation is complete with the canonization of Scripture (1 Cor 13).

LDS church believes and teaches its people the blatant lie that the Christian church went completely apostate and basically became non-existent until the early 1800s when Joseph Smith came on the scene and restored the church ("church" in meaning the local churches of the world, not something universal or invisible, explained here and here). This right here is always the mark of a cult and its leaders, wolves in sheep's clothing. The Bible however, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in fact, declares that nothing including the gates of hell shall prevail against His church.

“I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt 16:18).

Though there was heresy and apostasy creeping into the churches immediately after those days (warned about throughout the NT, such as Ac 20:29-30; Rom 16:17-18; 1 Tim 6:3-6; 2 Tim 3:5-9; 4:3-4; Rev 2-3; etc), and this apostasy is prophesied to only get worse and worse as time goes on (2 Tim 3:1-9, 13) never would there be complete apostasy, as Matt 16:18 makes perspicuously plain. The true church of born again believers has always existed alongside the false mainstream church (Roman Catholicism) and all her harlots (JW's, LDS, SDA, Pentecostalism, most of evangelicalism, all Protestant denominations, and vast majority of other professing churches, etc) and its found today, as it has been for most of its history, as the Baptists (or Anabaptists in times past). But sadly majority of baptist churches today are completely apostate as well. Thus, it is unbiblical and absurd to think that Joseph Smith was used to restore the Christian church. If God really told Dallas Jenkins that The Chosen would be the “definitive portrayal” of His church, it stands to reason that God would not condone Jenkins’ turning to Mormons to market and influence this “portrayal.”

This is taking unscriptural and ungodly liberty with the Word of God and changes the sufficiency and authority of Scripture, and changes the very nature of who God is. I fully believe its intentionally done to undermine both these critical aspects of God's Word: its sufficiency and its authority.

They even seem to admit that this is what they would be doing with the series, considering the following statement made in season 1 episode 1:

“The Chosen is based on the true stories of the gospels of Jesus Christ. Some locations and timelines have been combined or condensed. Backstories and some characters or dialogue have been added.”

Yet in other places they have claimed that they are not a re-enactment of the Bible. But that is a blatant lie even based on the this one quote, and when we consider practically every scene is an attempt to "re-enact" stories from the Bible.

Adding to Word of God or changing the Word of God, is a great evil.

But not only do they add continuously, they also omit by purposefully neglecting to teach many critical doctrines found in Scripture, such as the true gospel of Jesus Christ, importance of reproof, rebuke, contending for the faith, sharp preaching pointedly on any and all sins, hell, repentance, God's wrath, the coming eternal judgement, etc, things that tickled ears after fables do not like to hear.

God's Word severely warns about those who add or take away from His words in His Word in Rev 22:

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:" (v. 18)
"And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." (v. 19)

Pr 30:5-6,

"Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar”

And this is the mockery, deception and dishonesty of The Chosen producers in their response to those, like us, who have accused them of adding to God's Word:

"We're not God's Word, the Bible is God's Word, and it is perfect. And as to the silly mention of the Bible verse about "adding to scripture," fear not, we're not adding to Scripture because we're not Scripture."

This is an idiotic statement to make. Saying they are not God's Word or Scripture is a purposeful diversion of the issue, and thus a red herring. False believers by the way are masters of logical fallacies. Making false accusations or arguing logical fallacies, which are lies, are easier than dealing with the content of someones critique.

They are however portraying Scripture, the Word of God, so yes they are adding to God's Word, and there is nothing "silly" about it. These hell-bound, lying wolves should learn to fear God before He will hew them into pieces and cast them into the hell fire that patiently awaits their arrival.

"And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power; . . . But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me." (2 Th 1:7-9; Lk 19:27)

Their "Jesus" is also false, corrupt, and another one of completely different persuasion than the true and living God the Bible. What a wicked lie to say they are presenting “an authentic Jesus” as stated by Brad Pelo and Jenkins, followed by, “we aren’t saying that factually.” What?! You are saying factually if you claim to be presenting authenticity. They want the dough but not the criticism and backlash, so they add caveats. It doesn’t jive though. Its not an authentic Jesus, but they are presenting this blasphemous heresy as factually correct.

They obviously have no “fear of the Lord” but that is not only something God desires (De 5:29) but also what He requires (De 10:12)—not for His good, but “for our good always” (De 6:24). No man can be saved firstly without fear of the Lord. It is critical to come to properly understand who God is and our need to repent. True Biblical repentance can never be divorced from fear of God.

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Pr 1:7)

Contrary to the false New Age Christ and those who wittingly or unwittingly espouse The Chosen's false New Age teachings about fear, Scripture repeatedly tells us just how important and necessary the fear of God is for salvation and then ongoing for the true and genuine believer.

5. The Chosen Producers Revel in the Heresy of Ecumenicalism.

Their goal is to bring all false Christian religions, sects and cults together, which is a major mark of end times apostasy and of the Satanic nature of this production.

Ecumenicalism with Everybody.

In Dallas Jenkins own words on an interview:

"Whats been so beautiful about seeing this show grow, as it has, you've got Catholics, and Jews, and Mormons, and evangelicals, we are all loving the same show, and this show is about Jesus, and its an accurate portrayal of Jesus I believe. So maybe, just maybe, we love the same Jesus."

Ecumenicalism 101 right there. Bam. For all these same false believers and heretics to get together and enjoy the same show, means the show is catering to all these groups, and thus presenting a horribly corrupt and false Jesus. No, Dallas, you do NOT present an accurate portray of Jesus but rather a terribly false and perverted "Jesus" that fits into every single false "Christian" religious beliefs. Thats the "Jesus" you have invented and are promoting through screen, which is blasphemy and awful evilness, and I cannot imagine how bad hell will be for you when you slam not eternity. I would hate to be in your shoes, or anyone else involved in this diabolical project. So it may be true that they are loving the same Jesus, but it ain't the true Jesus of the Bible. Far from it.

The heretical actor Jonathan Roumie, who is the actor of "Jesus," speaks of a worldwide revival, which is shop talk to new agers:

"God is tilling the soil and sowing seeds for a fertile revival. . . . I think it’s already happening, and I think we are an additional element of that story and of that accomplishment, by God." (source)

New Agers, Pentecostals, and many that embrace Keswick/Deeper life heresy, zealously promote revivalism, but they all have a common goal of breaking down barriers and bring all faith traditions together. In so doing, they are in fact fulfilling in part the last apostasy multiple times prophesied of in Scripture (e.g. 2 Tim 3:1-5; 4:3-4; Matt 24:5; 2 Th 2; etc). They also all have in common an absence of spiritual discernment and refusal to repent of all their false teachings, false teachers, and spiritual dangers in their midst which is symptomatic of the same false confidence and complacency that was present when the preacher of righteousness, Noah, was building a ship for the Lord and warning the people of the world-wide flood God was about to flood upon them. They severely underestimated the physical danger in their midst.

A true revival is not for a local church, which should be ONLY consisting of saved people (Eph 4), but for the unsaved, who require true abhorrence of sin and the false teachings they have embraced and entrenched in their churches, followed by true genuine repentance and salvation. That is revival! See here for an example of false revival.

There is no true revival among heretics, heresy, ecumenicalism or apostasy.

Ecumenicalism with Mormonism.

The Chosen series was initiated and inspired from a partnership between Dallas Jenkins, an evangelical filmmaker, and Mormon businessmen, with heavy Mormon influence in practically all aspects of production (as noted previous point), but Mormonism is almost as far removed from Biblical Christianity as possible. Between the LDS church’s long-standing desire and efforts to be viewed by other Christians as just another denomination and Jenkin’s unsatisfied desire to be a successful Christian filmmaker, it seemed like the perfect match.

Yet Jenkins has claimed that The Chosen is not produced by Mormons. Wow. Clearly reprobate (Rom 1; 2 Tim 3:5-9).

Brad Pelo, one of the Mormon Executive Producers of The Chosen, and the driving force behind The Chosen Christmas Special, declares,

“So I love the fact that our communities are coming together with our celebration, our worship, and our faith,” states (source, time 1:10:40).

Well, there’s a memorable quote. Remember the claim that The Chosen is not produced by Mormons?

Yet, at other times Jenkins hasn't hidden his joy in working with the Mormons, whom he refers to his brothers and sisters:

"I can honestly say . . . one of the top three most fascinating and beautiful things about this project has been my growing brother and sisterhood with people of the LDS community that I never would have known otherwise and learning so much about your faith tradition and realizing, gosh, for all the stuff that maybe we don’t see eye to eye on, that all happened, that’s all based on stuff that happened after Jesus was here." (source, time 9:30)

In a 2021 interview, Jenkins ecumenical philosophy is clearly revealed, even beyond the "brothers and sisters" that Mormons are to him, when he states:

"[The] calling of my life is to make the authentic Jesus known to the entire world, and anyone who’s going to help me do that is welcome." (source, time 67:45).

Jenkins’ open invitation to “anyone” who wants to help present his alleged “authentic” Jesus is a prime example of what the apostle Paul was warning about in 2 Cor 6:14-18 and many other places in Scripture.

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" (2 Cor 6:14)

In fact, 2 Cor 6:14-18 makes it clear that separation starts even with salvation, so that all who are truly saved will practice separation, not ecumenicalism. False believers join hands with other false believers.

That fact he doesn't understand the difference between a true believer and a false believer, and thus treats false believers as true and associates with them as "brothers and sisters," means he himself is a false believer. Thats a blanket statement true of every single such case. True believers and false believers are as different as heaven and hell. Not knowing the vast differences means you are without understanding and wisdom, and have no true spiritual discernment. Treating everyone that comes with some "Jesus," as a true believer, implies there is no reason to introduce them to the one true and eternal God and evangelize them to a true biblical faith and away from the false spurious "faith" they have embraced.

Ecumenicalism with Catholicism.

Jonathan Roumie, the actor who plays "Jesus" in The Chosen, is a fervent Catholic with a strong affinity toward the New Age. He is a Knight’s Templar, and was nominated for papal knighthood in 2020 (source, time 55:30) and claims to have had “personal interactions” with a deceased Catholic “saint.” Roumie “credits his Catholic faith as the foundation of his portrayal of Jesus [source], and in this linked article he says he hopes to "lead [people] to Christ in some way.” "In some way" is a good reflection of his apostasy and that of Roman Catholicism, but the only "Christ" he believes in is a seriously false and corrupt Catholic/New Age "Christ." The Bible tells us how we lead someone to Christ and its most certainly not by blaspheming God through taking on an image of Jesus Christ! In one very popular youtube video Roumie testifies that he utilizes the Divine Mercy Chaplet, a meditative Catholic prayer ritual that was started by Saint Faustina in 1935. “Mother” Mary Angelica (founder of the popular Catholic station, EWTN, and teacher of the Chaplet) says this about the Chaplet, which is quoted in this linked video,

“[Saint] Faustina stated that she received the prayer through visions and conversations with Jesus, who made specific promises regarding the recitation of the prayers."

On his Twitter account in Aug 2021, Roumie posted a photo of himself standing next to the tomb of Padre Pio, a heretical Roman Catholic priest and mystic who died in 1968. Roumie wrote:

“Visiting Saint Padre Pio, one of the most powerful saints and witnesses to the suffering and the miracles of Christ in the 20th century, as well as one with whom I’ve had personal interactions; also the first priest on record to have had the stigmata (physically documented)!”(source).

In an interview with Roumie, a Catholic priest stated:

“God bless Dallas for being able to help us [the Roman Catholic Church] to actually spread this message of divine mercy in a way through you.”) (source).

Roumie has also become a popular voice on Hallow, the number one Catholic contemplative meditation, prayer, and sleep app. Contemplative mysticism is new age eastern religion and is all about entering a mystical experience and finding "God" within, which is an altered state of consciousness in order to find one’s true self, thus finding "God." It is taught and promoted by many false teachers and wolves in sheep clothing such as Rick Warren, Richard Foster, Ken Blanchard, Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, Richard Rohr, Ruth Haley Barton, Brennan Manning, etc. Back on June 9, 2019, Roumie praises New Age practitioner Russell Brand a strong proponent of Transcendental Meditation, and promotes contemplative meditation, on his Instagram account. After spending an evening with Brand, Roumie states,

“fantastic night of do-gooding, meditative appreciation, and transcendental inebriation.”

One of the books Roumie recommends to read on Amazon includes The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything by Jesuit priest and New Age sympathizer, James Martin, which teaches that one can reach a panentheistic state of New Age awareness through meditative exercises such as Lectio Divina, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius (the founder of the Jesuits), contemplative prayer, imaginative prayer, and centering prayer, all forms of New-Age style meditation under the guise of "Christian" meditation. The book openly teaches the panentheistic New Age doctrine of God “in” everyone and everything as the following quotes from that book illustrate: “God can be found in everything. And everyone too” (p. 6), “ We’ll look at how to find God in everything and everything in God” (p. 27), “finding God in all things . . . encountering God . . . In all things. And in all people.” (p. 391). Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, considered the “Father” of the New Age movement, is referenced multiple times in the book. This is a recommended book by the heretic that plays "Jesus," so one can only imagine how awfully heretical and corrupt his views on Jesus are. His nature and heresy is desperately depraved considering this book is loaded with New Age practices and beliefs.

Roumie has gained a significant platform through his new celebrity but blasphemous, evil role of playing Jesus, and has grown in popularity through the series itself, YouTube, TV, social media, and other means, which he is using to draw fans and followers to his heretical Catholic beliefs and New Age predispositions. He has influenced millions. Roumie was listed as one of “10 Catholics Who Restored Our Faith in Humanity in 2021." In that same year, Roumie joined Jenkins for a visit with the anti-Christ Pope Francis. As the two were sitting together waiting for the meeting, Roumie asked Jenkins what he was thinking at that moment. Jenkins replied:

"This is a big deal because for me it represents two things that are important. One is the branching out of the show to the world. Another one is the branching out of the show to people in traditions that I wasn’t part of. So it shows that the walls are coming down. I’ve never . . . I’ve been a Christian a long time. . . . I’ve never seen a project that united more faith traditions."

Yes the walls are coming down indeed, a major characteristic of heretical evangelicalism, yoking all false religions together with Rome, whom is,


Rourmie's influence is dangerous beyond words, considering this unsaved and rebellious anti-Christ and devout Catholic heretic has “interactions” with the dead, participates in and promotes Roman Catholic/New Age mystical prayer exercises, is engrossed with New Age beliefs and practices promotes a false gospel, possessed by "anther spirit", and is literally flooded with heretical, false doctrines. He is a wolf that is leading the masses down the wide path to destruction and eternal damnation.

The Chosen is ecumenicalism 101, and though some embrace the concept that Jenkins is “unequally yoked” with heretics, perhaps he is actually “equally yoked” rather with people of the same beliefs and stripes as him. Jenkins is an ecumenical heretic, just like Rourmie and all the Mormons, himself also being a "deceitful worker" that believes in the same false "Jesus," false "gospel," and false "spirit" (2 Cor 11:4, 12-15).

Jenkins is indeed equally heretical, not only in his beliefs but also in his gravitation towards Roman Catholicism and intentional ecumenicalism. One of the three writers for The Chosen, Tyler Thompson, is described by Jenkins as a “Cathelical” (what Jenkins says is “partly Catholic, partly evangelical)” as a documentary on YouTube shows (time 2:59:34). In one video, where a Catholic interviews Mormon Executive Producer, Derral Eves, The Chosen is praised for its “ecumenical” and “inter-religious” appeal (times 26:30, and 39:40). Jenkins favourably quotes the panentheistic mystic and Franciscan priest, Richard Rohr, who is a proponent of the ungodly and anti-Christ New Age concept of the “cosmic christ.” On a Facebook entry (time 2:44:00), Jenkins posts an excerpt of Rohr’s book, What Do We Do With the Bible? saying that the quote was “rocking my world.” In that post, the quote by Rohr is heretical, evil and blasphemous:

"Just because you use Scripture, even in a God-affirming way, does not mean you’re using Scripture for life and love, growth and wisdom—and for the sake of God or others. Many of the worst genocides and atrocities in history have been supported by Scripture quotes in the mouths of selfish and scared people. Excessive God talk and quoting of Scripture are the best cover possible for a narcissistic personality. In fact, sometimes it seems to me that the churches that go on and on about “the greatness of God”—in both their sermons and their music—are often filled with the very groups and individuals that most want that greatness for themselves. I doubt if God needs us to be saying how great God is, as Satan does here with Jesus. Yes, religion is the best thing in the world and also the worst thing in the world—and so is Holy Scripture." (Richard Rohr, What Do We Do With the Bible?, 2019 edition, pp. 69-70).

Wow. This derogatory reference to God's Word (and of those who talk about and quote Scripture much) is plainly evil and 100% of the Devil, but it rocks Jenkins world! He resonates with evil, blasphemous and Satanic statements, while using very, very little scriptural content or sound truth in The Chosen. Genocides and atrocities have absolutely nothing to do with quoting Scripture, but the very opposite, Scripture/God rejectors. It is often the end result of false, dead and hypocritical religion, where hypocrisy reigns supreme because they neither know God or have any desire to know Him, though they may flatter the people with their lips (cf. Mk 7). Dovetailing with the hypocritical religion is these wicked men adding to and omitting from Scripture, making the Bible say whatever they want it to say. The light of Scripture exposes evil and darkness and is the only light for life's path, thus it reveals the secrets of man's heart and exposes darkness, that,

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" (Jer 17:9)

Like Rohr, Jenkins and all others involved in this diabolical and evil TV series, are, "men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith." (2 Tim 3:8). They are "dishonest . . . walking in craftiness, . . . [and] handling the word of God deceitfully;" (2 Cor 4:2).

At the same time, this is VERY typical and common of popular "Christian" figures, including all "Evangelicals."

Ecumenicalism is extremely contrary to Biblical Christianity. God is a holy God, which means He is a God of separation. Those that don't practice separation according to Scripture are false professing believers, and many of those, false teachers.

The ecumenical apostasy of our day is illustrated in a simple irony. Forty one years ago people flocked to watch a film called The God Makers, which warned about Mormonism, most particularly about the false Jesus of Mormonism (Ed Decker and Dave Hunt, The God Makers, Jeremiah Films, 1982). Today, in stark contrast, countless Christians are enthusiastically watching a film about Jesus that is Mormon-influenced with seemingly little concern or spiritual discernment.

6. The Chosen Manipulates People Emotionally.

Movies are perhaps the most seductive of all media the world over. The producers of The Chosen understand that manipulating an audience’s emotions, especially a targeted audience, is the key to a box-office success and millions of dollars, which is their primary objective, NOT the true salvation of unsaved souls as the evil heretic and Mormon Bishop and Executive Producer Derral Eves, along with Dallas Jenkins, attempt to portray as they read a letter by an eight year old girl that had become "a believer" because of one of their episodes. They manipulate emotions by making people laugh, weep, striking fear into them, making them cheer, arouse their passions, their lusts, etc. In other words, control their emotions. That power of persuasion through the film medium seduces believers who normally would recognize that they are being snared by a fictional screen character. The comment most often given by those who watch and enjoy The Chosen series is,

“I really like a lot of the human qualities displayed by The Chosen’s Jesus. It’s so easy to relate to him.”

Using a video medium to "preach" "Jesus" is what unsaved God- and Bible-rejectors resort to. They then manipulate the emotions of the audience to get some 8 year old girl, which happens to be the Mormon age of accountability, to "believe" in the false "Jesus" they have portrayed on the screen. Saving faith in Jesus Christ comes through the Word of God alone. And what "Jesus" did the little girl "believe" in? Is it the false neo-evangelical/Mormon "Jesus" of Jenkins or the producers, or the Catholic "Jesus" of the actor portraying Jesus, or the ecumenical "Jesus" that entertains, is ecumenical and that everybody loves (while the true Jesus in the Bible was hated by almost all people in the world minus a very "small flock" Jn 6:66-72) since there is no distinction between these "Jesus's" according to Dallas Jenkins? Back to the 8 year old girl, Mormon doctrine teaches that without our own righteousness (3rd Article of Faith LDS), there is no forgiveness of sins, and to be a true believer, you have to be baptized and confirmed in the LDS church, at which the Holy Ghost is conferred upon the new "believer" in the power of the Melchizedek priesthood. How is that going to go for that little girl, since this is what Eves believes? Why did Eves not express this claret, since that is exactly what he believes (and more, see point #2)?

Salvation comes through the preaching of the Bible alone, not through any other means.

"For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe." (1 Cor 1:21)
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Rom 10:17)

7. The Chosen Presents a False Gospel, and its Staff and Producers Have Received a False Gospel.

Rabbi Jason Sobel, one of three Biblical consultants for The Chosen, claims to have met Christ in heaven through new age meditation. In an interview he stated,

“I wanted a real relationship, a real encounter with the Lord. So I was going to synagogue, study with my rabbi, but through martial arts and yoga, I became a Jew Bu, a new age Jew, a Jewish Buddhist. I’d meditate for hours a day. One day as I was meditating, my soul began to vibrate. It left my body. I could see my body there. It went through the clouds, and the next thing I know I was in heaven and I saw this King on this throne, in this glorious light. I felt the power of God pulsating through every cell of my body. Every fabric of my being began to come alive with the power and the presence of God. I had never felt anything like this. And this King on this throne told me I was called to serve him. And I knew that that King was Jesus, that it was Yeshua.” (source).

Wow. This is about as far removed from Biblical salvation as one could possibly get. He had a experience alright, one spawned in the pit of hell. What "Jesus"? Not the Jesus of the bible, that we know for certain. He had a demonic experience and met demons, whom very likely possess him to this day. The entrance into meditation silence of eastern religion and new age meditation (incl. contemplative prayer) is rich ground for demonic visions, false and lying “Christs,” demonic spirits, and supernatural experiences. After this demonic experience, he had another similar one that once again allegedly took him to heaven and before the throne of God. Newsflash: No man has ever entered heaven or stood before God's throne, and lived to tell about it. The bible is very clear on that, so this false teacher and demonically deceived ravening wolf is a liar and a deceiver, but that doesn't stop The Chosen from using his "Biblical" "wisdom" for consultation. In the latter vision, ecumenicalism between all Gentile and Jewish people also played a part, unsurprising, which is very fitting for the apostasy that he aligns with.

At no point anywhere does this series present a true gospel. It is not just anemic, it is perverted in manifold ways. No call to true salvation. No repentance. No turning from sin. No dramatic new birth (and the passage on the new birth in Jn 3 is horribly perverted by these "liars, evil beasts, slow bellies" Ti 1:12). No shedding of Christs blood for the sins of the world. Etc. Of course this is not surprising to any degree, since the producers are extreme heretics and embracers of false gospels themselves.

"But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." (Gal 1:8-9)

In Closing

How many unBiblical points and elements of heresy have to be in place before people will acknowledge it’s a counterfeit? Even just one of the above points makes it unBiblical and ungodly.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

These are only some of the serious issues with this unBiblical Mormon-based, evil, idolatrous and blasphemous TV series. There is much, much more, but this should be more than sufficient to prove the unBiblical nature and evilness of this so-called "Christian" program and sound a warning to anyone that is pressured into watching this unscriptural leaven. The heresy and blasphemy and darkness is utterly revolting and Dallas Jenkins, Rourmie, the producers, other actors and people involved in this production will find themselves in a much hotter portion of the eternal lake of fire when they slam into eternity (cf. Matt 11:20-24; 23:3-40). Of that there can be no doubt.

When the Bible warns, "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers" (Phil 3:2), as it does repeatedly, it has people like Jenkins and the rest of the Chosen production, casting and supporting crew in mind.

The people that have produced this evil TV series are ministers of Satan and those who support it in any fashion are children of devil (Eph 2:1-3), and find themselves in the warning of Paul the Apostle in 2 Cor 11:12-15,

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works."

It makes no difference as to what the intentions and motives were of the creators, for they are blind, deceived, and doing the work of Satan in this production. They are adding to the Word of God, changing Gods Word, promoting heretical doctrine and beliefs, changing who God is, and blaspheming God. Really bad idea. God is not mocked.

I am absolutely appalled at the heresy that “evangelicals” and other so-called Christian groups love. Or entertain themselves with. To endeavour to have your senses stimulated by the heretical and blasphemous garbage TV show The Chosen is literally mind-boggling, while we are commanded to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Eph 5:11), quite the opposite. As noted, this is reflective however of the unregenerate, unsaved, unredeemed, false professions amongst these hypocrites who claim Christ but yoke adulterously with the culture of this world, "turn[ing] the grace of God into lasciviousness." (Ju 1:4).

The Bible is very clear on what we should do when confronted with this sort of heresy and darkness.

Jesus warned,

“Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Matt 24:4-5).

Our adversary, the devil, is most certainly using this series, The Chosen to deceive many.

Eph 5:11,

“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

1 Th 5:21-22,

“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil.”

We are commanded to separate from this evil, and those who produce and promote it:

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing ; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." (2 Cor 6:14-18)

But for many “Christians” today, feelings, opinions, and experience appear to be the guiding light, and not the truth of God’s Word.

There is a reason for that, the Bible also plainly reveals, repeatedly.

A Call to Salvation

What type of “saint” watches such an ungodly, unBiblical, heretical and blasphemous show for enjoyment as The Chosen? What “Bible” allows for such evil? Most likely not even the perverted versions. There are endless Biblical reasons why no actual saint would watch this garbage, but the idolatrous and blasphemous portrayal of Jesus Christ, point # 1, is reason enough not to touch the unclean, unrighteous thing.

If you watch this without discernment and "feel" nothing wrong with it, what you really need is to be born again, to be saved.

If you lack the discernment to understand the ungodly, heretical and blasphemous nature of The Chosen, you have a very serious and bad problem. Your issue is that of lack of true conversion.

You lack true, Biblical salvation.

You have never been saved.

Stop playing games with your eternal destiny.

Stop deceiving yourselves.

Please go and read here on how you can be truly born again and possess the discernment to know the difference between truth and error.

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Maria Matias
Maria Matias
04 de mar.

I have only watched the first episodes and I could not relate to their Jesus.

05 de mar.
Respondendo a

They definitely represent "another Jesus" (2 Cor 11:4).


05 de ago. de 2023

AMEN, and Amen! Excellent article. I tells the truth. "Christians" need to wake up, the same "Christians" who were deceived by (now don't get upset) Trump (a false savior) and his Evangelical mega church elders, and his "spiritual" advisor Paula White (false priest). I heard the other day a very good term called MEGAVAX. The same "Christians" who still sleep around, get divorced, smoke pot, cuss, dress like harlots, and go to apostate churches (for the programs and rock and roll) with Catholics, Mormons, SDA, etc. and if you asked them what the gospel is (1 Corinthians 15:1-4, John 3) they could not quote it from Scripture, they don't know it, and they don't care.

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