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Ramadan "Kareem”? — What Ramadan is Really About, and the Fallacy of Their “Fasting”

Updated: Feb 27

The unholy month of "fasting" for the Islamic world, known as Ramadan has come upon us in 2024, from March 11 with the full moon, and ending April 8, the end of the lunar cycle, which aligns with the moon god of Islam. More accuratenly we could call it Ramadan Bombathon 2024 version, which means that we're going to see a massive increase in the number of Islamic-fueled terrorist attacks, carried out in the name of Allah. More on this further below. Even the Canadian government, Integrated Terrorist Assessment Centre (ITAC) has issued a warning end of Feb 2024, that “extremists” who are “motivated by the Israel-Hamas conflict could attack crowds at events in Canada.” (source). Oh thats comforting. Here is a novel idea. Maybe just good rid of the problem and then we can live in peace once again. Yes, that means deporting EVERY SINGLE Moslem. Imagine what Canada will be like once the Satanically-fuelled and demon-possessed Islamic population approaches between 5 and 10%?!? (read here to find out: If Islam is a Religion of Peace, then Satan is a Peacemaker).

Thankfully we are not under evil Sharia law (yet), unlike Islamic nations in the Middle East, where this author resided for years and witnessed the compulsion of ALL people, whether Mozlem or non-Mozlem, to comply with the Ramadan rules. What might that be? No eating, drinking or chewing gum during the day in public for the "religion of peace." It is illegal. Yep. They have ZERO tolerance for any non-Moslem, and impose their ideology on everyone. They are fascists totalitarians to the definition and this is what western nations have allowed through its doors, and we haven't even talked about the violent, demonic jihadist killing of innocent people aspect of it yet, that is so intimately tied to the pious Moslem (even those who do not engage in this directly, >80% of Canadian Moslems support Islamic terrorism financially or in other ways), especially during Ramadan. Again, more on that later.

I have noted dhimmitude politicians virtue signalling with “Ramadan Kareem” picture bytes on social media, expecting a well deserved pat on the back for being a good multiculturalist neighbour, and maybe winning some votes in the process. But this is textbook dhimmi behaviour, pathetic at best, dangerous at worse. What is a dhimmi or dhimmitude? Simply defined, its a non-Moslem in subjection to Moslems. The Islamic doctrine of the dhimmi is the treatment of a non-Moslem as a second-class citizens under Islamic hegemony, typically noted in Islamic nations where one is allowed to live in Moslem territory in exchange for submission and payment of a heavy jizya tax. Through the centuries, millions of people in many nations throughout Asia, South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, were "converted" from their native religion by brute violent force (by the sword, even as it is occurring all over the world today, especially Africa), others under the agonizing strain of dhimmitude. The consignment of Jews and Christians to dhimmi status under Islamic rule means that they are not allowed the same religious rights and freedoms as Moslems. They cannot share their faith, for example, or build houses of worship without permission. (See this link for rules imposed by the Islamic State by instance, and for further reading on the dhimmi doctrine and the intolerance of Islam towards other people, see here). The Quran commands this:

"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued" (Quran 9:29).

Doesn't sound like it fits with what the politicians (and others) are doing? It sure does if you understand there are varying degrees of dhimmi status. It has a starting point. It must. Majority, if not all, Islamic nations once were at the place where Canada is now. And today they are essentially hell on earth for non-Moslems and women. Indeed, Canada will soon follow in those footsteps, as the Islamists evil beasts slowly take away our freedom inch by inch, freedoms that we had long before they ever entered the scene, if we fight not against this evil, deceptive and devilish ideology that must be rooted out of any freedom-loving nation. Men of old understood this predicament, like Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson, quoted here. A politician or someone else who acts in submission to Islam in the house-of-war (dar al-harb, which is what they call non-islamic nations, a place of war until they have subdued it by violence/jihad), by promoting their holidays for instance, or not "offending" them by ignoring their evil and diabolical doctrines of devils which specialize in violence against the innocent (see also The Religion of Peace), and certainly not warning of it either, who would rather attempt to appease them than fight against their freedom-ending, future violent jihad and sharia law, all of which completely oppose Canadian and American law which was built around the Bible — that individual indeed is a dhimmi. And thats not a compliment either. This means you are putting personal and selfish endeavours over freedom, safety and security of your neighbour and the people you allegedly represent. 

🚨 People that undermine the great dangers of Islam are themselves a danger to society. Instead of speaking the truth, they do the very opposite, hiding or obfuscating the truth. Instead of sounding the alarm, they attempt to silence and even penalize the alarm sounder. This is also a very great evil and danger and must urgently be exposed. This is what the deceptive, dishonest, insidious, malicious, exceedingly evil and hypocritical Liberal and NDP parties of Canada do on a daily basis, while they and their members are the most wicked and racist haters on planet earth. They are the personification of loving evil and hating good. Not only concerning Islam, but also the whole sodomy/ transgender/ pride evil issue, Indian victimology, and other contemporary issues. Sadly some conservative wolves in sheeps clothing are following in their steps. Some also expose their evil hypocrisy, like here. 🚨

What is Ramadan? Ramadan is the month long Muslim hate fest full of late night gluttonous, gorging, rioting, pillaging, raping, and jihadist killing. In a nutshell. If you don’t believe that, go live in a Middle Eastern country, or another Islamic nation in Asia or Africa, and let's talk after. Said one Muslim to the other, “The only thing worse than Ramadan is the other eleven months of the year. I furnished my entire rec room with Ramadan loot.” If stealing material was all they did, but they also steal lives by cold-blooded cowardly murder.

Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which is a lunar calendar, hence why the dates of Ramadan change yearly. It is based on the sighting of the first crescent moon on the last night of the eighth month. Though they may consider it to be a "holy" month, it is unholy and pagan to the core, since Allah is in fact the moon god Baal, whose doctrine aligns explicitly with demonology as outlined in the Book of Absolute Truth, the Word of God. They claim that this is when the angel Gabriel revealed the first verses of the Qur’an, Islams war and terrorism manual, to the false prophet and wolf in sheep’s clothing, Muhammad. The truth is, Muhammad was a war-lording, demon-possessed bandit, which led to multiple suicide attempts (e.g. Ibn Ishaq, p. 106; Al-Tabari, Volume VI, p. 68; Sahih al-Bukhari 6982, read these passages here), so I don't think he was a proper guide for anything besides evil. Thankfully born again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are protected from the devil and his demons (read here).

On March 20, 2023, Washington DC News Now claims to to tell its readers "Everything you need to know about Islam’s holiest month,” except they left out the parts you really need to know, like "Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood" (Quran 9:123). It gives the scripted Moslem response of what Ramadan is all about, but misses some key elements that do not portray Islam in a very favourable light, yet portray Ramadan for what it actually and truly is.

Let’s consider a few of the elements, what Ramadan is really all about.

1. Firstly, Ramadan’s “Fasting” is Fallacious Foolishness.

Moslems portray Ramadan as a time of "fasting," but in reality its a time of feasting. Its a feast of gorging twice per day or even more and rest in between. A better word for this type of "fasting" is "gluttony." These gluttonous pagans who live by their belly claim it a “fast” when they don’t eat food for a whole 12 hours. They don’t eat from sun up to sun down, and then call it a "fast." After the sun is down, they pig out (not pork of course) for roughly 12 hours! Self-admittingly, they consume far more food during Ramadan than during any other month. Well isn't that profoundly odd, since one of the goals of a fast, which they lay hold to, is to deliberately deprive oneself of basic physical needs (typically in order to focus on spiritual matters). Gorging oneself after sunset and before dawn, and in-between, hardly seems like a spiritual pursuit, never mind the physical health issues that derive out of such egregious practice, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and other health problems. It can be more accurately described as delayed binge eating; Moslems simply turn their eating habits upside down and gorge like gluttonous pigs at dusk and at dawn and in-between. And then they call it a "fast." Wow. 🤪

The Moslem claims that this "fasting" cleanses the body, and the practice reminds them of the suffering of the poor. Okay. In plain English, You.Are.Not.Fasting. An actual true complete fast for cleansing, is drinking only water or sometimes juice when fasting for an extended period, AROUND THE CLOCK, typically a few days or longer. They aren't even making it past half a day and the body is certainly not being cleansed. This isn’t rocket science, and I sure hope I’m insulting your intelligence.

The article continues,

“At the end of the 29- or 30-day fast (depending on the length of the lunar cycle) is Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast), when there is much feasting and celebration!"

As if they didn’t celebrate every 12 hours by non-stop stuffing the face, for 29-30 days straight!

Binge gorging and gluttonous eating is not an uncommon habit during Ramadan. For example, in Egypt, national statistics point to a substantial increase in consumption of food, electricity (from increased cooking), and medications related to digestive disorders during the month of Ramadan as compared with the monthly average in the rest of the year. Similarly in Doha, Qatar, almost 8,000 cases of indigestion were recorded at the Hamad Medical Hospital emergency room solely in the first week of Ramadan in 2011, due to "most of the population sleeping during the day" and eating "large feasts."

So why do Moslems eat more when they're "fasting" than when they're not fasting? I know, it sounds profoundly idiotic, yet its true. Why put a mask of piety with gluttony? The answer lies at the very heart of Islam. Islam does not make people more holy or spiritual or pious. Rather, it gives them a religious framework for carrying their desires to perverse fleshly extremes, which is what comes out of the natural man, out of the defiled heart which is full of every sort of evil. The Lord Jesus declared,

"For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness: All these evil things come from within, and defile the man." (Mk 7:21-23).

These defiled pagans live by their belly and are horribly hypocritical (much, much worse than the Pharisees reproved sharply in Matt 23 by the Lord, for these wicked heathen do not even know or attempt to serve the true and living God of the Bible, but a false god in line with Baal). Their hypocrisy has been noted in their month-long festival of "fasting," but thats not it. Its further demonstrated in essentially everything they do and believe, hypocrites to the utmost extreme. Let's consider a few examples.

The Moslem condemns the acts of fornication and adultery in a man going out and fornicating with many different strange women, sometimes even on a given night (which we would admit of course is always wrong in accordance to God's Word, 1 Cor 6:9-10) — while he as a Moslem has married four wives (max in Islam), takes sex-slaves as his captives after a battle, and yet apparently is perfectly righteous before Allah, even though he commits fornication and adultery at a much more rampant level, and on a daily basis!

Likewise, the Moslem condemns the act of hiring a prostitute and fornicating with her (which again is always sinful in accordance to God's Word, 1 Cor 6:9-10, 12-16) — while he as a Moslem sets up a "temporary marriage" (a practice called "Muta") where he can hire the same prostitute and have sex with her innumerable times and bear no shame whatsoever in the Moslem community.

You get the drift as to why this diabolical ideology is so utterly depraved, immoral and wicked?! (FYI: Did you know that there is not a single basic moral virtue mentioned anywhere in the Quran? Wonder no more as to why do many are so thoroughly evil, corrupt and vile).

Let's say a psychopath goes on a killing spree, brutally murdering men, women, and children; according to the Moslem he is surely going to hell — that is unless of course he is killing men, women, and children in a jihadist terrorist attack for the sake of Allah, in which case his violent satanic massacre of innocent people will earn him a one-way ticket to Paradise, and 72 virgins. According to Moslem sources, the tribes of Mecca were extremely violent, lascivious, depraved and gluttonous. Muhammad didn't change their behaviour upon forcing them to convert to Islam. He simply made their violence, lasciviousness, and gluttony pleasing to Allah, by having new "divine" "inspirations" for his warfare.

So are we surprised that Ramadan is a month-long feast that Moslems call "fasting"?

But if thats all it was, a hypocritical "fast," we might be able to live with it. Unfortunately there is so much more, dangerous, evil sanctioned behaviour, which we will cover under the next two points.

2. Secondly, Ramadan is a Time of Pushing Islamic Social Issues, and Deceptive Agendas.

The ultimate agenda being the international caliphate (the whole world governed by Islam) in their far-sightedness, and obligatory Sharia law in their near-sightedness, the means to the end.

The real imperialism in the world today, besides communism. The jihadist plans to crush half of the Old World under its heel. The Jews and the Christians and the Hindus (and in this version the Shia) will be exterminated. And then, when the world is violently cleansed of all dissent, a glorious "utopian heaven" will dawn according to Islam. Little do they know what God the Son will do with them when He soon returns (2 Th 1:7-9; Rev 14:18-20; 19:11-21; etc). Image circulating on jihadi social networks as of 2013.

It is well explained by the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Badi:

“Allah the Almighty wanted the [Ramadan] fast to coincide with fighting, so that the Muslims would win and deal their enemies a crushing blow that the world would speak of . . . Allah did not mandate [the fast] of Ramadan so that [we] sit idly and avoid jihad, action, and da’wa for the sake of Allah. The fast is not intended to be an excuse to avoid one’s obligations at work or one’s social commitments. Rather, it is a month of action and movement, of conquests and victories – the month in which most of the defeats of the nation’s enemies occurred.”

In other words, it is the month of not only "fasting" (which is a joke), and not only the month of killing (next point), but also the month to advance social issues such as Islamic laws, Sharia Law, in "infidel" countries, to advance their attack on our freedoms to outlaw any form of criticism against Islam, Moslems or Muhammad, and to advanced other evil elements of their practices, all of which depend on their ability to exploit the laws of the host nation, and the strength of numbers they have in an "infidel" nation, which is a dar al-harb ("house of war") nation, literally a place where Moslems are at war until they subjugated the people to Islamic law and authority, and where they sit in relation to government positions. This is another reason why the liberal party of Canada is thoroughly evil and demonic, and the greatest enemy to every single Canadian, not only to our freedoms but also our very lives, since they place these people into governing positions.

The path to Islam in an "infidel"/kafir dar al-harb nation is always the same:

1. Establish a mosque.

2. Build an enclave. 3. Grow the population. 4. Claim victim hood. 5. Resist host authority. 6. Exploit their laws. 7. Sharia law and Taqiyya. 8. Jihad and expel or murder non-Mozlems. 9. Take control.

The Muhammadans and Islamists are instrumental to the wicked cancel culture that is occurring presently in North America, especially Canada. That's why you have very many of them pushing anti-white propaganda like the wicked Critical Race Theory. It's very important to understand that the Moslem people are not in western "infidel"/kafir nations to integrate or progress our society, but to instigate chaos and havoc and division, so as to further their own cause of sharia law, blasphemy laws, attacking all freedoms especially that of speech. This is paramount to their social cause. Just look where they live in these nations. Not scattered about but all in the same area, where once the numbers are high enough they start voting in their own politicians and council, pushing their political agenda and Islamic social cause that at every point opposes western law, freedom of speech and religion, and pushes anti-Christian dogma (think Deerborn, Michigan as one example). They destroy entire cultures, and have done so innumerable times. Soon the area they live becomes a no-go zone. France has over 700. America has hundreds. And then as the Moslem population percentage increases (yes, why they have babies like rabbits), they start exerting power and control, like they did on March 28, 2023, when Moslem supremacists seized control of New York City streets at Time Square to show the world they had conquered another western city, a sharia-adherent event, held on the 3rd night of Ramadan, with the crowds screaming the demonic Islamic battle cry, Alluha Akbar, and the controversial and demonic adhan (call to prayer) 👇🏻

This is Islam! Wicked, arrogant, intolerant and power-hungry blood-thirsty devils! Incredibly sick as they attempt to push their evil upon the "infidels," which is just another reason why they need to be ALL deported from western nations, or at least the Quran made illegal and Mosques banned.

Every American and Canadian should be fighting against and opposing this wickedness, aggressively, and not only the Islamist problem. If the Moslem doesn’t like someone speaking the critical truth about his ideology, then he should leave this freedom-based country that has been built on Biblical principle and commands, where we don’t only have the right to do so, but are commanded to do so. Go back to where you came from where you have no freedom. Good bye.

The born again Christian is commanded to,

“[H]ave no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” (Eph 5:11)
“These things also belong to the wise. It is not good to have respect of persons in judgment. He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous; him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him: But to them that rebuke him shall be delight, and a good blessing shall come upon them.” (Pr 24:23-25)

Let me be very frank. NO faithful and obedient Moslem living in accordance to the Quran, which is most all of them, is entering into a western "infidel"/kafir* nation to contribute to the betterment of that society, or to integrate into it and advance its progression. He or she simply hate the society, and the people that make up the society, which they slanderously call "the great Satan," but of course they don't hate the financial advantages of being there, or the luxurious lifestyle they get to live in contrast to the Islamic hell-hole they just departed, all of which escapes their mental and reprobate capacity as to how and why God blessed the western nations. Not only is envy a major motivator, but so is their proud and wickedly arrogant commitment to Allah and his demonic Sharia law.

A popular but utterly depraved past time for Islamic devils during Ramadan is performing female genital mutilation (clitorectomies). Yes you read that right. Ramadan in fact is the “traditional time for girls to be cut,” which sees “huge increase” in female genital mutilation. Why during Ramadan? The answer is because female genital mutilation has justification in Islamic law, and Islamic law is considered divine law, superseding all human law, and Ramadan is the most important time of the year to show your obedience to Allah, the false god behind the Islamic law. "Allah" by the way is a false deity for many reasons, including the fact he is not a Trinity (4:171; 5:73; 5:116); he is a Father to no one (5:18; 19:88-93; 21:26); he has no love for unbelievers (3:32); and he is the “best of deceivers” (3:54; 8:30).

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is defined as a "partial or total removal of external genitalia, or any other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons." In some places Its been called "circumcision," but that is not proper lingual; calling it "circumcision" has the intended purpose of undermining and sugar coating the serious nature and barbarity of the mutilation. And it shouldn't be confused with male circumcision sanctioned in the Bible, which is only removal of foreskin, while female "circumcision" is complete removal of the clitoris which then, as you would guess, completely removes the pleasure a woman might have during sexual intercourse. In some countries like Somalia, the FGM involves the vaginal opening actually sewn shut – a practice called infibulation. There are four types of FGM according to the WHO, with many of the 200 million Moslem girls harmed by this evil barbaric practice going through more than one of the various types. The first two two types involve partial or complete removal of the clitoral glans and/or the prepuce/clitoral hood, and removal of the labia minora and labia majora, the third infibulation, with a fourth type undergoing the harmful procedure that involves pricking, piercing, incising, scraping and cauterizing the female genitalia. 😳

When we understand the evil hatred that Islam has towards women (noted in the Qur'an in Sura 4:11, 34, 176, 3, 24; 2:282, 228, 223; 5:6; 24:31; 53:27; 33:50), that she is only seen as half worth of a man, she is only a piece of flesh to be controlled and toyed with as a Moslem man desires (hence the massive pandemic of female rapes across western nations by immigrant Moslems, especially in Sweden and England where there is no self-defence laws), wife-beating for whom they “fear disobedience” (Qur’an 4:34), the theologically obligatory honour killing of wives, sisters, and daughters — the sick and vile practice of female genital mutilation then doesn't come as a shocker whatsoever in this death culture of demonic violence.

According to a 2014 survey, 92% of Egyptian women aged between 15 and 49 had been circumcised. Statistics would be similar in other Islamic Sharia Law nations, since it is only Islam that establishes this barbaric, cruel practice, where its mandated in Islamic law:

“Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” (Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64).

Why is it obligatory? Because Muhammad is held to have said so:

“Abu al- Malih ibn Usama’s father relates that the Prophet said: ‘Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.’” (Hadith: Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75)
“Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: ‘Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’” (Hadith: Abu Dawud 41:5251)

That hadith is classified as weak, but this one is classified as sahih (reliable):

“Aishah narrated: ‘When the circumcised meets the circumcised, then indeed Ghusl is required. Myself and Allah’s Messenger did that, so we performed Ghusl.’” (Hadith: Jami` at-Tirmidhi 108)

If Muhammad had the genitals of his favorite wife, Aisha, mutilated, that is a strong endorsement of the practice from the man who is an “excellent example” (Qur’an 33:21) for Moslems.

FGM is only connected to Islam, no other religion. "Do you want to change religion?” said one Egyptian in response to a campaign to eradicate FGM. “You only listen to what the West is saying.” However, the establishment fake news media went on to completely ignore the fact that FGM is actually only connected to one so-called religion and that is Islam, and connected to islam it surely is. They falsely claimed "the practice has nothing to do with any faith and predates both Christianity and Islam. It has also been denounced by religious leaders worldwide.” These are logical fallacies and lies. No Moslem leader has denounced it, and no it did not predate Christianity or Islam. In the linked article here, all 27 countries where this evil and barbaric procedure is practiced, are Islamic nations. They mention that "FGM is also common among migrant communities in North America, Europe, and Australia," but intentionally neglect to mention that it's ONLY Moslem migrants performing this exceedingly evil practice. It does matter that FGM is purely Islamic, because the practice will never be eradicated if its root causes are not confronted. As long as those Moslems continue to believe that Allah and Muhammad want it done, for some that will override all other considerations.

An article from 2020 entitled, “Somalia Sees ‘Massive’ Rise in FGM During Lockdown and Ramadan,” (by Emma Batha of Reuters, May 18, 2020), discusses how that,

"Somalia’s coronavirus lockdown has led to a huge increase in female genital mutilation (FGM), with circumcisers going door to door offering to cut girls stuck at home during the pandemic, a charity said on Monday. . . . Somalia, which has the world’s highest FGM rate, with about 98% of women having been cut. . . . [saw] a massive increase in recent weeks,” with a "surge in requests from parents wanting them to carry out FGM on their daughters while they were off school because of the lockdown. FGM, which affects 200 million girls and women globally, involves the partial or total removal of the external genitalia. In Somalia the vaginal opening is also often sewn up – a practice called infibulation. . . . the pandemic [a farce, a scamdemic and plandemic, but not pandemic] could lead to an extra two million girls worldwide being cut in the next decade as the crisis stymies global efforts to end the practice. . . . families in Somalia were taking advantage of school closures to carry out FGM so that the girls had time to recover from the ritual, which can take weeks. . . . “The cutters have been knocking on doors, including mine, asking if there are young girls they can cut. I was so shocked,” said Allin, who has two daughters aged five and nine. . . . The UNFPA, which estimates 290,000 girls will be cut in Somalia in 2020, said the spike was also linked to Ramadan, which is a traditional time for girls to be cut."

There are other serious social issues associated with Ramadan in this seriously depraved immoral ideology, but this will suffice.

3. Thirdly, Ramadan is Dangerous; its the Spirit of Jihad, the Festival of Killing "Infidels" and "Kafirs."

Ramadan is typically the most violent month of the year in Moslem countries, and the data collected on Ramadan violence and terrorism refute the popular notion that Islam is no different from other religions. The numbers don't lie, especially when we see the same pattern month after month, year after year. Killing in the name of Allah is simply much, much, WAY more common than killing in the name of any other religion or deity. Its thousands of times more common, practically incomparable. No other religion has the same problem with motivated violence, and no other religion commands its adherents to go out and slaughter those who won't believe their perverted and diabolical manual. Is "Islamophobia" a bigger problem than Islamic terror? Is it really even a "phobia" or is Islam genuinely different? It is different. Very different. Its the religion of Satan, as succinctly argued in this report.

The same culture of violence which commands FGM, wife beating, honour killings, has that same foundational text which calls for violence and murder against unbelievers (Qur'an 2:191, 4:89, 9:5, 9:29, 47:4, etc.) and thus give rise to jihad violence. Ramadan is a favourite time of the year for these blood-thirsty devils.

Here is a bit of what the Washington DC News Now newsletter left out:

“Ramadan is not a month of laziness but rather a month of activity, of effort, and of hard work, and as it also was in the life of the Prophet, a month of jihad, conquest, and victory.” (Palestinian Authority Supreme Sharia Judge Mahmoud Al-Habbash)
“Ramadan is a month of holy war and death for Allah. It is a month for fighting the enemies of Allah and God’s messenger, the Jews and their American facilitators.” (Qaedat al-Jihad)
“Ramadan is the pious month of ‘Jihad-o-Qital’ (Jihad and killing). Those who attain martyrdom while waging Jihad, doors of heaven remain open.” (Maulana Bashir Ahmad Khaki)

What could possibly go wrong? Celebrate diversity!

What is the rational for suicide attacks during Ramadan Bombathon to win “Paradise”?

Qur’an 9:111, “Allah has indeed purchased from the believers their lives and wealth in exchange for Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah and kill or are killed. This is a true promise binding on Him in the Torah, the Gospel, and the Quran. And whose promise is truer than Allah’s? So rejoice in the exchange you have made with Him. That is ˹truly˺ the ultimate triumph.”
Bukhari 56:33-35, “The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "Nobody who enters Paradise likes to go back to the world even if he got everything on the earth, except a Mujahid who wishes to return to the world so that he may be MARTYRED TEN TIMES BECAUSE OF THE DIGNITY HE RECEIVES (FROM ALLAH)."

These are two of the main passages used by the mujahideen in their quest for dignified “martyrdom” and in their competition as to who can be the most evil Moslem for Allah, by blowing themselves into smithereens in the presence of innocent men, women and children, thereby killing many “infidels”/kafirs, especially during the month of Ramadan Bombathon. And don't think like a dhimmi, poverty or ignorance does not cause terrorism, the Quran is the cause behind all Islamic terrorism, where the good and obedient Mozlem is called to violent Jihad, to wage war with non-believers for the sake of Islamic rule: 2:191-193, 224, 216; 3:56, 151; 4:74, 76, 89, 95, 104; 5:33; 8:12, 15, 39, 57, 59-60, 65; 9:5, 29, 30, 38-39, 41, 73, 88, 111, 123; 17:16; 25:52; 33:60-62; 47:3-4, 19,35; 48:17, 29; 61:4, 9, 10-12; 66:9; etc. An accurate count finds 164 Jihad Verses in the Qur'an. The Hadiths contain at least another 21 verses of the same – i.e. Bukhari 52:177, 256, 220; 8:387; 11:626; Mozlem 1:33, 30. Many are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding, as they scream their Satanic cry "Allah Ackbar” and slaughter innocent, harmless and defenceless people. Its barbarism with zero moral restraint. These verses and more abrogate any verses of “peace” and shut down any argument that Islamic terrorism is somehow caused by poverty or ignorance. Here is an example of a very highly educated female divide bomber in Pakistan who murdered three people.

Today, March 27, 2023, an Islamic Scholar advocates for Jihad Against 'Kafirs', "‘Islamic flag will be hoisted in Delhi, every madarsa will become armed camp’: Bangladeshi Maulana’s video goes viral, ‘Allahu Akbar’ echoes after declaration of ‘Jihad’"

On a side note of particular interest, it was this very day back in 2016, in Lahore, Pakistan, where a suicide bomber targeted Christians in a park on Easter Sunday, with 100 Killed!

In 2022 during Ramadan in Pakistan, a Muslim murdered three people, and the US Consulate declared the jihad attack was "in direct contrast to peaceful spirit of Ramadan." They should stop lying. As per normal, politicians couldn't care less about the truth or safety of others, only to maintain their narrative and selfish pursuits. Its possible that they don't even have the first foggiest idea of what they are talking about, but me thinks they do, and intentionally bearing false witness. People that do this should be locked up and the key thrown away. When someone doesn't intentionally warn of danger to health and life, they are a great danger to society.

Repeatedly, the Qur’an promises paradise to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (9:111), so Ramadan is the month in which Moslems redouble their efforts to please Allah. If Allah promises paradise to those who kill and are killed, he must want people to kill and be killed. So Ramadan would be the ideal time to do this, as it is the month in which observant Moslems try to do more of what Allah wants them to do. So the Pakistani Moslem's jihad suicide attack is not contrary to the spirit of Ramadan at all. It’s completely in keeping with the spirit of Ramadan.

In 2022 Ramadan Bombathon, the Islamic State claimed credit for 42 Ramadan jihad attacks, revenge attacks for the killing of its leaders.

It should come as no surprise to discover that 9/11 occurred practically in the middle of Ramadan of 2001 (remember it changes every year, by lunar calendar, when Islamic blood-lust starts gearing up). The real Moslems, Islamists, know what Ramadan is all about and they practice it religiously.

⚠️ Warning Graphic Images ⚠️

Islamists slaughter Shia in Kabul, Dec 2011. This is not collateral damage. These women and children were the targets by Moslems.

The Islamist way of war: The Boston Marathon in 2013. The Jihadi Moslem, demonic and wicked vermin Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (behind tree) stands behind an 8 year old boy at the fence (in black) and his 7 year old sister (in green). Knowing exactly who is standing there, the jihadi vermin deliberately leaves his bomb there, to explode, horribly killing the 8 year old boy, blowing the leg off his 7 year old sister, and killing and maiming many others in this picture.

Here is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's statement after:

"I would like to begin in the name of Allah, the exalted and glorious, the most gracious, the most merciful . . . The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him . . . after the bombing, which I am guilty of - if there's any lingering doubt about that, let there be no more. I did do it along with my brother . . . I am a Muslim. My religion is Islam. The God I worship, besides whom there is no other God, is Allah. . . . I ask Allah to have mercy upon me and my brother and my family. . . . And I ask Allah to have mercy upon the ummah of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Amin. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds."

100% inspiration for their wicked, blood thirsty, excessively demonic, evil and cowardly jihadist slaughter is THE QUR'AN AND SATAN (I.e. ALLAH)! Endless thousands of pictures and reports could be provided showing the demonic evils of Islam. You can go to The Religion of Peace and see mammoth amounts of evidence for their Quranic inspired wickedness and demonism. There's been nearly 45,000 Islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11!

What was the cause of nearly 3,000 deaths of innocent men, women and children on 9/11? Moslems. Islam. The Quran.

What was the cause of the dozens of injuries or deaths, men, women and children, at the Boston Marathon? Moslems. Islam. The Quran.

What was the cause of the over 50 deaths at the night club in Orlando Florida? Moslems. Islam. The Quran.

These are only examples from America and there are yet hundreds more, and then tens of thousands from around the world. What is the cause of all these? Moslems. Islam. The Quran.

Are you starting to get the picture and understand the cowardly and barbaric evils of Satan-inspired Islam?!?

Imagine that, nearly one third of all Islamic texts are devoted to holy war against the infidel, the dirty kafir. Shocking eh?

Its high time to wake up my friend.

There is a purposeful and deliberate pursuit after bloody violence during the unholy month of Ramadan, as exclaimed by Hamas's military wing, the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades...

"On June 7, 2016, the day before the shooting attack in Tel Aviv in which four were killed and several wounded, Hamas's military wing, the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, published an article on its website encouraging jihad and martyrdom during the month of Ramadan, which began this week. The article, titled "Ramadan – The Month of Jihad, Fighting and Victory over the Enemies," noted that throughout the ages Ramadan had been the time of the greatest Muslim victories, beginning from the days of the Prophet Muhammad. Allah, it said, had commanded, and urged, the Muslims to wage jihad, for it is the pinnacle of Islam. The article stressed that Muslims' sad situation today is due to their abandonment of jihad, and called on them to follow the example set out in their glorious, jihad-saturated history. The following are excerpts from the article: "Ramadan is the month of jihad, fighting, and fasting. Therefore, after the jihad fighter dedicates himself to the study of Islam by day he sets forth to defend his homeland, Palestine, by night. This month has seen the actualization of exceptional Islamic victories. Today, the ummah is bleeding in many countries, and none care about the deep wound of Palestine and the oppressive siege on the Gaza Strip." (MEMRI)

Its not for naught that Ramadan has been called the month of jihad, conquest and victories. We could rightly call Ramadan, the "Festival of Feasting on Food and Blood."The statement by the US consulate is in direct opposition to what leading Islamic authorities say about violent jihad during Ramadan. Not only as the previous three quotes demonstrated but below are more of Islam’s top authorities explaining the deadly meaning of Ramadan . . . out of fasting there flows the deadly violence of jihad . . . This is pleasing to Allah.

"Ramadan “is and has been throughout Muslim history, the month in which Allah helps the Muslims to prevail over their enemies and grants them mighty victories.” (former Mufti of Egypt ‘Ali Gum’a)
“The commandment of jihad, which is of SUPREME importance at all times, assumes even GREATER importance during this holy month and gains precedence over all other commandments.” (former Mufti of Egypt ‘Ali Gum’a)
“There is a close CONNECTION between fasting and JIHAD, for the former (fasting) is jihad of the soul, aimed at restraining it from sinning, while the second is JIHAD AGAINST THE ENEMIES, aimed at preventing them from spreading “corruption” in the world. Moreover, fasting is a powerful means to PREPARE the soul FOR JIHAD, i.e., to school oneself in obedience, devotion, resilience and endurance, which are the virtues of the jihad fighter that allow him to vanquish his enemies. On Ramadan Allah grants fighters special strength, despite – or rather by virtue of – their fasting." (former Mufti of Egypt ‘Ali Gum’a)
“Those who gain MARTYRDOM during the month of Ramadan are DOUBLY REWARDED in Paradise.” (former Mufti of Egypt ‘Ali Gum’a)
“Jihad fighters everywhere! This month of jihad has come with all its blessings and with the double reward [granted to jihad fighters] in its course. Come closer to Allah through the BLOOD OF INFIDELS, do not relent in spilling [their blood], and through [this blood] wipe out humiliation and disgrace from among your Muslim nation! Make this month like the month of the Battle of Badr, the conquest of Mecca, [the conquest] of Shaqhab, and other Islamic victories.” (Sa’ud Bin Hamoud Al-Utaybi of Al Qaeda)
“Ramadan is the pious month of ‘Jihad-o-Qital’ (Jihad and killing). Those who attain martyrdom while waging Jihad, doors of heaven remain open.” (Maulana Bashir Ahmad Khaki)
“MEN OF JIHAD, this is your festive season, since jihad in a state of fasting has a particularly delectable taste for the believers, especially [when together] with the dignity of the month of Ramadan. How wonderful it is to delight in the breaking of the fast and to TASTE THE KILLING of infidels, to DELIGHT in the sound of the WAILING of tyrants and lowly degenerates, and [in the sound of] the voices of the condemnations on the part of EVIL PEOPLE and their collaborators broadcast on the TV stations . . . condemning the DEATH of their INFIDEL masters and their servants. [Ramadan] is a MONTH of FIGHTING, of self-sacrifice, of military VICTORIES, of the victory of religion and the HUMILIATION of the KAFIRS* (INFIDELS). The most courageous and finest forays took place in Ramadan: in the battle of salvation – the Battle of Badr – the HEADS of the bravest infidels from the tribe of Quraysh were SENT FLYING, and Allah gave His Prophet and the believers VICTORY [aiding them with] an army of His Hosts” (Sheikh Aamer Bin Abdallah Al-Aamer)
Ramadan “is a month in which the marketplace of JIHAD opens. So seize this blessed month, oh servants of Allah, to perform acts of obedience to Allah, for your REWARD (for killing and martyrdom) is doubled in this month” (Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS)
“Ramadan is the MONTH OF VICTORY FOR THOSE WHO WAGE JIHAD FOR ALLAH. Transform the month of fasting into a training camp that will aid you in jihad when the time comes. Be prepared, since the Muslims’ victories over their enemies occurred during the month of Ramadan, when the JIHAD FIGHTERS WERE FASTING” (website of Muslim Brotherhood)
“We call upon those who fast . . . to remember their brothers, those who wage jihad for the sake of Allah: in Palestine, against the Jews, the descendants of apes and pigs; in Iraq, against the Americans; in Bosnia-Herzegovina, against the crusader Serbians; in Chechnya, against the Russians; in Kashmir, against the idolatrous Indians; in Eritrea, against the Zoroastrian Habeshas; in Somalia, against the arrogant Americans; and everywhere in [the lands of] the Islamic ummah, against those who fight the Muslims.(Hussein Shehata, a lecturer at Al-Azhar University in Egypt) — there is irony in what is written here, all these problems mentioned here were started by wicked Moslems themselves
“Allah the Almighty wanted the [Ramadan] fast to coincide with fighting, so that the Muslims would win and deal their enemies a crushing blow that the world would speak of . . . ALLAH DID NOT MANDATE [THE FAST] OF RAMADAN SO THAT [WE] SIT IDLY AND AVOID JIHAD, ACTIO, AND DA'WA FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH. The fast is not intended to be an excuse to avoid one’s obligations at work or one’s social commitments. Rather, it is a month of action and movement, of conquests and victories – the month in which most of the defeats of the nation’s enemies occurred.” (General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Badi’)
“This is the month of might and victory, in which the fasting believers defeat their own [urges], as well as their enemies. Allah decreed that the Islamic nation, throughout its long history, should [experience] momentous events during this holy month . . . This month is a month of war within one’s soul and struggle against one’s desires. The spirit is the greatest battlefield on which a fighter is trained [to fight] his enemies. If one vanquishes one’s urges, one can certainly vanquish others" (General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Muhammad Badi’)

*A "kafir" is not merely someone who disagrees with Islam. It is a most derogatory word used to describe the "infidel" — all non-Mozlems and specifically Christians and Jews. The kafir is an evil, disgusting, lowest form of life person to the Mozlem. If you are a non-Mozlem, you are a kafir. When you deal with Moslems in Canada or America or another western nation, behind the deceptive and fake "kindness" is the fact that he or she sees you as nothing else than a kafir. the Quran gives specific instructions on what to do with the kafir. Kafirs can be lied to and cheated, tortured and killed. Hence, Islam’s utmost hatred towards the two of the greatest freedom loving nations of the world and producers of kafirs: America and Israel. The persecution of kaffirs is actually mainstream Islamic doctrine, and is regularly demonstrated globally; it is also a constant in Islamic history. Subjugation and humiliation are always part of the package for "unbelievers."

Jihad is not only for those "extremist" Moslems, but ALL Moslems, as clearly prescribed in Islamic texts:

"I asked Allah’s Apostle, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is the best deed?” He replied, “To offer the prayers at their early stated fixed times.” I asked, “What is next in goodness?” He replied, “To be good and dutiful to your parents.” I further asked, what is next in goodness?” He replied, “To participate in Jihad in Allah’s Cause.” I did not ask Allah’s Apostle anymore and if I had asked him more, he would have told me more." (Sahih Bukhari Vol 4, Book 52, Number 41)
“Let those who sell the life of this world for the next fight in the way of Allah. Whoever fights in the way of Allah, whether he is killed or victorious, on him we will bestow a great reward..” (Quran 4:74)
“When your Lord inspired the angels, I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then strike the necks and strike their fingertips.” (Quran 8:12)

Of course the Mozlem is particularly motivated to fulfill his duty to Allah because of what the Quran (Islams demonically inspired war manual) says about hating the “kafir,” which is a most derogatory word used to describe the "infidel" — the non-Mozlem. According to the Quran, the “kafir” is to be hated (40:35), mocked (83:34), considered unclean (9:28), punished (25:7), plotted against (86:15), terrorized (8:12), annihilated (6:45), killed (4:91), crucified (5:33), beheaded (8:12; 47:4), made war on (9:29), not to be befriended (3:28), and their woman to be sexually assaulted (33:59; 24:31). The Hadith (sayings of Muhammed) also tell us that the female Kafir is to be raped (Ishaq 759). Hence all the hatred, violence, attacks, terrorism, murders, raping and sexual attacks around the world (observe daily reports at and and why greater than 99% of terrorism is caused by faithful Mozlems to the Quran. Consider below just a a few of the >100 verses of violent jihad commanded of the Mozlem in the Quran.

The Quran is explicitly clear that the kafir is to be killed by beheading:

"Then your Lord spoke to His angels and said, 'I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the Kafirs' hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fingers" (Sura 8:12).
“When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” (Sura 9:5).
“Muslims should strike off the heads of unbelievers in the battlefield and massacre them.” (Sura 47:4).
"Slay theunbelievers wherever you find them" (Sura 2:191)
"Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued" (Quran 9:29).

Unless I am mistaken, these passages among over a hundred, sound awful lot like demonic and violent hatred to me. And clearly, the most revered Islamic teachers and scholars speak a completely different tune to the dhimmi, spineless, cowardice dishonest westerners who feed the public lies and deception that are being purveyed by proponents of the "religion of peace." This is very, very problematic and it needs to be put to a stop.

As aforementioned, there are well over 100 more verses just like that in the Qur'an, that command the good Moslem to commit violence or murder in Allah’s name, hence the same bloodthirsty, demonic-inspired blood-curdling scream of “Allah Ackbar” as they slaughter and murder innocent people. But that isn’t hatred apparently. Muhammad moved by example, murdered thousands of people who refused to submit to his demonic ideology, and raised murder and war to the status of divine law. Why is it that only Mozlems go around murdering and slaughtering innocent people that have done them no harm, dozens of such attacks EVERY single day? Very often new “converts” are passionately loaded with a blood-thirst desire for violence, being full of Satan himself. The answer is very obvious to anyone that has read the Quran. Over 43,000 attacks since 9/11 with hundreds of thousands dead and millions of lives destroyed, all reported here: This is Islam and the “good” Mozlem obeys his marching orders from Allah.

The Islamist way of war is all about war crimes, and I mean the most horrible, wicked, despicable war crimes imaginable, worse than a onslaught of rabid dogs. Evil beyond comprehension. Lets consider a few: Hiding behind civilians, including children; hiding among civilian crowds; not wearing uniforms; using civilian vehicles for attack; hiding in protected-status places like mosques, churches, hospitals and schools; using protected-status vehicles like ambulances to transport weapons and even using them for attack; using UN bases and peacekeepers as cover; taking hostages; denying Red Cross access to POWs, torturing and executing POWs; false surrenders; killing medics who come to help their wounds; and of course targeting civilians, schools, churches, mosques, hospitals, ambulances, buses, shops, restaurants, weddings, funerals, journalists and aid workers, which they do everywhere in the world many times on a daily basisall of these are just standard Islamist warfare, as we have seen everywhere they engage in war, like Syria, Israel, Africa, etc. These things are not part of US or Israeli warfare, because their morality is superior to Islamist morality since their morality is based upon the Word of God, while the Quran does NOT teach any morality. It is loaded with despicable evilness. Anything goes in Islamism. Islamism has no honour, no decency and no morality, and is as depraved as any idea that humanity has ever followed.

This is how Islamist armies treat prisoners of war. ISIS slaughters prisoners, Iraq, June 2014. No ethics. No morality. Just plain evil, wickedness and pure Satanism. And that is what is entering western nations with Moslem immigration.

Of course Ramadan isn’t the only time of the year when blood thirsty fervour is up, but this is clearly the worse time of the year. Muhammad was a very violent man and a robber. Not surprisingly, when people try to focus more on his teachings during Islam's "holiest" month, violence and robberies dramatically increase (for example).

Now lets watch the action unfold, and hopefully none of it comes to North America since our ungodly, foolish politicians have let them through the door, uncaring and non-sympathetic to the wickedness of these evil beasts. As we always say, and non-stop: none of these dangerous pagan idol and Satanic worshippers should be allowed entrance into a single western nation. Period. To do so is commit cultural suicide and bring all its citizens into very great and present danger.

Ramadan Bombathon 2023 version has begun, which means that we're going to see a massive increase in the number of Islamic-fueled terrorist attacks, carried out in the name of Allah. The "Religion of Peace" website keeps a running tally of these terrorist attacks and compares them with the terrorist attacks carried out in the name of all other religions combined. Let's see if all religions are equally violent.

You can also follow Ramadan’s Bombathon by clicking the link.

This was last years final tally:

Here is just one of those attacks (March 24, 2023). In Syria, Islamists started Ramadan Bombathon with a bang, where the Islamic State Group Murders 15 Truffle Hunters.

This is pure Islam, just like Mohammad practiced it, and Allah commands it! Mosques should be banned and the Quran outlaws


In summary, Ramadan is an unholy and ungodly month of Islam, which is the scourge of planet earth, for it is Satans Religion, but its already rooting itself in Canada, thanks to evil dhimmi politicians and others. It must be opposed with every ounce of our being, as soon our freedoms will be gone forever, and our children and wives will be targets of these horribly depraved idol worshipping devils.

NO one should be celebrating this unholy festival of feasting and killing, especially not a non-Moslem!

Nothing could be more unholy than what Ramadan stands for. There is NO blessing from God, the true and living God of Heaven, Earth and the Bible, in this pagan foolishness. So we do not say anything at all to encourage this backwards heresy, definitely NOT “Ramadan mubarak” (which means blessed Ramadan). Stop being a pathetic dhimmi and start caring for the freedom and security of American or Canadian citizens.

Dhimmi’s like the Catholic Church, a false religion in itself and very likely a large contributor to the formation of Islam, claim that Ramadan should be important to Christians. There is a bit of truth to that. Ramadan should indeed be important to Christians, as well as to Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and all other non-Mohammedans. Why? Because of the reasons mentioned here, particularly their blood-lust for violence and jihadist killing which increases significantly during this festival of feasting by the Mohammedans fighting for Allah’s cause. That is why.

As anyone can plainly denote, Islam is the very opposite of “peace” as noted by its teachings and practice of violent hatred towards kafirs (non-Mozlem "infidels") which especially include Christians and Jews, and killing of those who criticize Islam and it’s false prophet Muhammad, who said "I have been made victorious with terror." This is who Moslems strive to emulate, so terrorism is just a fact of life for the faithful Mozlem.

None of this is any surprise whatsoever when one discovers that the Allah of the Quran hates mankind. Indeed. You can read about it here in Sura 30:45; 5:87; 3:28; 7:179; 11:119; 32:13, and in particular he hates women (Sura 4:11, 34, 176, 3, 24; 2:282, 228, 223; 5:6; 24:31; 53:27; 33:50), and hates the true God and His gospel and His people (Sura 5:17, 57; 4:157; 23:91), hates the Jewish people (Sura 5:82; 98:6), hates the deaf and dumb (Sura 8:22-23), loves death and murder (Sura 2:191-193; 4:89; 9:5, 29, 123; 47:4; 8:60, 12; and more), loves to lie and deceive (he even calls himself the great deceiver! Sura 3:54; 4:142; 7:99; 8:30; 10:21; 13:27, 42), loves to seduce and encourage sexual perversion of every sort (Sura 65:4; 33:49; Bukhari 7.62.64; 65, 88; 5:58:236; Abu Dawud 41:4195), and so much more, all of which are VERY clear characteristics of Satan. I mean CRYSTAL CLEAR. It is a book loaded with "doctrines of devils." (1 Tim 4:1 — God's Holy Word). No ideology in the world is as immoral, deplorable and diabolical as Islam. The Quran even says that Allah is served by demons (“Some of us (demons) are Muslims” Sura 72:14). And those that follow Allah explicitly reflect those referenced in John 8:44 by God the Son:

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

To read more about the evils of Islam, see here:

Of course a true Christian must have absolutely nothing to do with these idol worshipping devils, besides preaching the gospel to them, and then continuing to teach them if they have an interest in the truth. 1 Cor 10:19-21 in the Word of God sums it up well:

“What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing? But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord's table, and of the table of devils.”

Yet, in spite of their great evil, even Moslems can be saved. I know, almost seems unbelievable, but its believable. Why? Because God says so:

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance."

The true and living Triune God, Whom is One God in Three Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit, can save even heathens celebrating paganistic, fallacious, unholy, violent blood-lust filled lunar month. You can read more here about the one true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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