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Australia’s Godly Past and Present Curse

Updated: Jan 25

Today, Jan 26, is Australia Day. I am thankful for Australia giving me and my family permanent residency and after spending some years there recently (and also previous to that, multiple times), I have come to understand Australia, like Canada, is sadly under God’s curse. That’s been further established over the last few years with the awful Covid related tyranny playing out in all its fashions. But it wasn’t always like that, even though it started as a penal colony.

Australia’s heritage is godliness. It was on this day, 235 years ago, January 26 of 1788, that the “First Fleet”, under the leadership of Captain Arthur Philip, landed at Sydney Cove.

William Wilberforce, the politician famous for his role in abolishing slavery in England and a Christian convert of John Newton, the famous hymn writer of Amazing Grace, helped appoint the first chaplain and preacher Richard Johnson to Australia with that first fleet, one of the world's greatest sea voyages – 11 vessels carrying 1,487 people comprising convicts, marines, sailors, civil officers and free settlers as well as all the stores they needed. They travelled for 252 days over a distance of 24,000 km without losing a ship. They left in May 1787 from Portsmouth, England and landed at Botany Bay, New South Wales, this day in 1788.

Johnson brought with him to Australia over 4,000 books including 100 full Bibles and 400 NT’s. Johnson's text at the first service in Australia Sydney Cove on the 3rd of Feb 1788 was from Psalm 116:12-13, from the best English translation that has ever existed, the King James Bible,

What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me? I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the LORD.”

On the occasion of Johnsons appointment, John Newton wrote the following lines of the Omicron to Johnson which brings into summary his view and interest in foreign missions:

Australia’s first settlement was founded upon the Bible and Christian principles. Soon after their arrival, regular Sunday worship was instituted, and within five years Johnson started the first school in Australia. The written laws of the land, were based upon God’s law. Australia’s constitution is a Christian document which begins with the words,

“. . . humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God . . .”

Australia’s first parliament was a Christian service. On the 9th May 1901, the first parliament of Australia began with the singing of Psalm 100.

It was followed by a prayer which included the following:

“We pray Thee at this time to vouchsafe Thy special blessing upon the Federal Parliament now assembling for their first session, and that Thou wouldst be pleased to direct and prosper all their consultations to the advancement of Thy glory and to the true welfare of the people of Australia, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Alfred Deakin, the father of federation, and Australia's second Prime Minister wrote,

Sufficient to say that the religion of Jesus Christ is the life of the present, the light of the future, and the hope of the world.

My, how far Australia has fallen.

So this is a momentous day in Australian history, a day we should all rejoice in, yet there are some who call it “Invasion Day.” This is yet another symptom of the evil that underlies the nation, with multiple generations of evil and ungodliness and God-rejection, whilst adoring the devils bottle. Yet the 26th of January 1788 was truly an “invasion.” An invasion of light into darkness, an invasion of the life saving Gospel into idolatry, an invasion of liberty to those in bondage, an invasion of civilization to savagery. All because of God and His Word.

Blessing or cursing is established upon a nations adherence to the Bible. The book of Deuteronomy is full of solemn admonitions and warnings to the nation of Israel to not forget the Lord, to obey Him and love him. A good start is De 8:10-20. While these warnings are written primarily to God’s covenant people of Israel, we know that God expects all nations to fear and serve him (Ac 17:30; Rom 1:21-25), and judges those who refuse (Jon 1:2; Hab 2:8; Jer 48:35; Am 2:1-2; Oba 1-4; Ezk 30:13). The issue with present Australia as it was with Israel, is a nation of unconverted professors. Nevertheless, a nation that has known the Gospel for so long and been blessed with abundant heavenly light is all the more accountable when it rejects the Lord (Lk 12:48).

Presently, Australia is a land of godlessness. Preaching the gospel to people, is mostly a futile effort, but not all. Majority of people are satisfied with their sin and Godless estate. But that however doesn’t stop the effort; no we labour on because faithfulness to God is what He requires, and fruit does eventually come forth and we know the heavenly value of one sinner saved (Luke 15). The education system is pushing similar evil ideology, sexual perversion and ungodly critical race theory in their history curriculum to a “black arm band view” which despises British colonization and exalts Aboriginal culture. Attempts have been made to change BC and AD to BCE and CE. Of course evolution is taught instead of creation.

Sexual promiscuity, acceptance of homosexuality. The murder factory of babies is in high gear. There are about 90,000 abortions in Australia each year. Since there are roughly 250,000 live births per year, this means that there are 2 aborted babies for every 5 born. 1 in 6 Australian women have had an abortion. The destruction of marriage has been on going since 1975, when no fault divorce was introduced. Fewer couples are marrying, choosing rather to live in sin. The fraudulant plebiscite in 2017 approved of homosexual “marriage,” which is an attempt to pervert and corrupt God’s institution of marriage and the home.

The republic movement is ultimately a push by godless infidels to remove all traces of Christianity from Australia law through such means as changing the flag with its three Christian crosses, which they see as an obstacle to the pursuit of a secular humanist godless society. There is also the incorporation of Aboriginal animism into public life, such as “smoking ceremonies” which are demonic rituals, giving devils access to those who participate in them. Digeridoos are traditionally used for summoning demons, but are glorified today.

Other symptoms of the godlessness is noted in the waning support for Israel (see Gen 12:3), the allowance for Mozlem immigration (which are sworn enemies of western nations and Christians and polar opposite of peace) and the Godless leadership. In 1999 John Howard (the same bloke who persuaded the Australian people to give up their guns and gun rights) tried to change the Australian constitution from “humbly relying upon the blessing of Almighty God” to “with hope in God.” A few years back, in his Australia Day speech, Prime Minister Scott Morrison attributed Australia’s success to “the efforts and intellect and willingness and determination to stand one with each other."

My, how far Australia has fallen.

Australia’s hope lies in the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This means true new birth experiences, followed by true evidence of conversion and fruit. Thats what will change this nation. Nominal and religious “Christians” need to be revealed as such and preached to. The truth needs to be stood upon, contended for, and fought over. In times of ungodliness, we see with more clarity the distinction between true regenerate believers and false unregenerate “believers” (Matt 7:15-20; Jn 6:60-72; 1 Jn 2:15-17), Christ’s kingdom and the powers of darkness that rule this world (1 Jn 5:19). Christ’s kingdom is not of this world (Jn 18:36). We are to shine as lights in the world (Phil 2:14-16) and be salt of the earth (Matt 5:13). Salt stings.

There should be a very clear distinction between the Christian and the world (1 Pet 4:1-5; 1 Jn 2:15-17), since true Christians are not of the world (Jn 17:14-16). God calls His people to boldly reprove the wickedness around them (Ezk 22:30-31; Pr 24:23-25; Mk 6:18) and the errors in Christianity, and expose false teachers that flood the pulpits, bookstores, podcasts, youtube and lands (Ju 1:3-4; Rom 16:17-18; Eph 5:11). The Bible does not support post-millennialism/ reconstructionism/ Presbyterian theonomy, state-churches. Nor should there by any focus upon politics instead of gospel preaching, though Christians should take involvement in the society they live in (Matt 5:13-16).

We need to pray for our authorities that they would fear God (Ps 9:17-20) and allow us to live quietly, peaceably and without persecution (1 Tim 2:1-4; Neh 1:11; Es 4:16). Our attitude towards the ungodly should be one of sorrow for their blindness and coming judgment (Jer 13:17; 9:1; Mt 23:37-39; Lk 19:41). “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; . . . For the love of Christ constraineth us” (2 Cor 5:11a, 14a). The born again believer can take comfort in the assurance that God’s kingdom will ultimately prevail (Ps 2) which enables us to patiently endure unto the coming of the Lord (Jam 5:7-8) and the establishment of his 1,000 year reign on earth as King and we His servants.

In the mean time, born again believers must be faithful to their charge as ambassadors of Christ, to reconcile the lost to God through the ministry of the Word (2 Cor 5:17-21).

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