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10 Reasons Why NOT to Vote for the New Democratic Party (NDP)

Updated: May 31

At the end of May 2023 is the Provincial election of Alberta, Canada. The better party by a long shot is the United Conservative Party (UCP). They actually care about Alberta, Albertans, our economy, our rights, our freedoms, and more. They are not fake enemies unlike the evil and extreme far-left NDP party.

The NDP is the New Democratic Party of Alberta, Canada, while being anything but "Democratic." Neither are they "New" — they are a washed up Communist and Marxist Party of the Soviet Union, led by a psychopath who salivates for power and destruction. NDP more accurately stands for Notley Destruction Party. They are evil pawns and kin of the extreme left and liberal party of Canada and Satan himself. Its true, check the Word of God (e.g., John 8:44). Rachel Notley don’t give two cents about Alberta or Albertans, since we are the “embarrassing cousin that nobody wants to talk to” according to this Wicked Witch of the Wild West. The name NDP is in fact just a deceptive and duplicitous guise to their ultimate goal of Communism and Marxism and middle-class destruction. Their leader is the awful, repugnant, deplorable and wicked Rachel Notley and the party is a cesspool of every kind of evil, deceptive, malicious, greedy, globalist, corrupt demonic birds that flock together on the broad path of destruction and eternal hell fire, who really don’t give one iota over Albertans but only care for their own bellies, for the federalies, for the Globalist destructive agenda, and their union bosses (this is the case even within their own party). They proved this four years ago, and by now they much worse. Oh I could be a lot harsher, because this only scratches the surface in describing these “liars, evil beasts, slow bellies” (Titus 1:12) who have a certain affinity for everything evil and anti-God, and anti-Bible, and pro-Satan.

Don't be deceived. Don't underestimate how evil and malicious these people really are.

I won’t pull back to many punches in this scathing report on this diabolical, demonic, and exceedingly evil political party. If you don’t like it, feel free to fill out our “Hurt Feelings Report” and email it to, and then go and have yourself some salty cornflakes. Your feelings don’t change the truth or the plain fact that the truth needs to be spoken and proclaimed from the housetops.

“By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.” (Proverbs 16:6)

The NDP are lying grifters. Communist shills. WEF puppets. One has to only look at the current mayors of Alberta's two major cities, to see how this is true and how depraved and wicked and destructive these evil beasts really are. Flooding the cities with wicked sodomy pride propaganda and paraphernalia in June and other times of the year, arresting preachers and protestors against drag queen evil being pushed down the throats of innocent children, creating bylaws to prevent protesting against these despicably and hellish evils, pushing the demonic and discriminatory woke agenda of anti-white and anti-Christian cultural destruction, and the list goes on and on. All they are able to do with any proficiency is lie. Lie, lie and more lie, and thats simply because they are the children of Satan (John 8:44) and moral and mental reprobates full of all wickedness and evil (Rom 1:28-32). Believe exactly the opposite of what they are saying. They are enemies to our freedom, to our livelihood, to our values, to our everything. They belong in a prison for they are plainly "evil beasts" (Titus 2:12), and these "natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption;” (2 Peter 2:12).

If you are a friend of freedom, real democracy, life, happiness and liberty, and have any inclinations of voting for this diabolical political party to are unsure, you certainly need to read this and NEVER vote for these diabolical, destructive beasts. No sane or logical person votes for someone that is blatantly evil and a wicked psychopathic witch, but if you do, you really have some serious mental problems and must be sniffing some kind of crack-laced glue.

Sadly most people in the areas where NDP seems to run strong (like Edmonton and parts of Calgary) will not hear about these facts, and most of them immigrants who gladly drink the cup of devils and sit at the table of devils, one of many reasons why these enemies of the state should've NEVER been allowed into our country or province. But they serve a purpose, right Liberal and NDP parties? None of the facts you will read here will come out in the lying, deceptive, and evil mainstream media with their fake news anywhere. If MSM was not so dishonest and biased, and actually reported honestly, NDP would be lucky if they got even 3 seats. And Left-wing activist groups and union boss PACs, funded by endless union war chests, are flooding TV and the Internet with pro-NDP propaganda and attacks on anyone who stands up for Alberta's interests, spreading their deceptive lies and falsehoods hiding their true destructive Socialist WEF globalist agenda.

Nevertheless, in conservative Alberta and knowing the history of the NDP, I believe the only way that the NDP can win is by fraud, namely lies, bribes and online fraud, a massive problem across the world in some of the most powerful nations, where the illegitimate leaders are the product of election fraud. For instance, America, Brazil, Australia, France, Ukraine, and right here in Canada.

I try not to write to much that leans political, though I believe there is some importance in that. Others do that, so I don’t need to. But there don’t seem to be a lot of reports out there that clearly delineate as to why the NDP is bad, awful, evil and dangerous. Here are ten reasons among many more that could be mentioned, why no sane and rational person votes for the evil NDP party.

1. The NDP are professional liars and deceivers, hence the deceptive “campaign Rachael Notley” vs the true “premier Rachael Notley.”

Its a bait and switch. Its par excellence corrupt politics. Say one thing to tickle the ears of hearers with fables, and then do something entirely different, counterintuitive to the said policy.

This means the NDP are liars. Many of the bald-faced lies of the NDP are refuted here by the UCP.

Rachel Notley hates Alberta and Albertans. We know that from four years ago but now we also know it because of the diabolical scheme of “just transition” which she fully, 100%, supports. (Click on the picture for proof).

In four years she will do her part to bring the entire oil and gas industry to a grinding halt by or before 2035.

In the 2015 election, the NDP promised to modernize Albertans’ healthcare cards, only to cancel the change in 2018. The UCP party presently has already started the process, only to have the NDP now promise the people this same pledge once again. Listen NDP: you are liars. Listen some more: the UCP have already started the process. Stealing their work isn’t honest, but only revealing of how diabolical and dishonest you really are. Get your platform. Oh right, you don't have one, that is, a legitimate and honest one, that's ethically and morally and economically good for Alberta. Your platform is hidden in plain sight: the destruction of Alberta for the sake of socialism and communism.

And here are some the things they did but never campaigned on...

Attacking farmers with Bill 6

Massive new red tape for businesses

Hit employers hard with a 20% NDP tax hike

In another example, Notley said she would protect land rights but then tried to take them away hidden in a bill. This is the Liberal-NDP playbook on full display for everyone to see. Click on photo to watch video.

NDP's true agenda:

• More power to the Federal government

• More expensive administrators in healthcare when we need more doctors and nurses (which the UCP has improved)

• More spending on socialist programs

• Less individual liberties

• More taxes

• Imagine what they would have done during the pandemic

And we only need to look to our neighbours to the west and see how destructive the NDP really are: British Communism (BC).

• 1,000,000 BCers without a GP

• Homelessness

• MHI Opioid deaths

• Crime

• Poverty

• Food bank reliance

• Horrendous Surgery and ER wait times

• EMS shortage

• Huge job losses

• Higher taxes

• Higher debt

• Eventual bankruptcy

This is what ‘progressives’ like. Settling for failure, mediocrity.

So one cannot trust or believe anything they say. They are liars, and lying is as normal to them as breathing air.

“Deceit is in the heart of them that imagine evil:” (Proverbs 12:20a)
"But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death." (Revelation 21:8)

2. Because of what the NDP did four years ago.

Let’s not forget what the NDP part did between 2015 and 2019, at which time the Great Reset was already in motion, unbeknownst to most people, which is the destruction of the middle class, and bringing the world into the complete control of the Globalist/WEF Club, which are totalitarian and exceedingly evil dictators, about 300 of them in a secret, elite group that are completely sold to Satan's cause (who leads and guides them), to bring the entire world under their (and his) control, and bring in the worse kind of evil upon man ever known in the world, and obliterate the world population to less than half all part of their New World Order plan. This is the agenda behind the awful "Climate Control" scam and lies, and "Global Warming" scam and lies, and the so-called "Covid Pandemic" scam and lies, and "Covid vaccine" (its not a "vaccine" but a death clot shot) scam and lies, and turning all social and moral (Biblical) values upside down, and creating riots and unrest and division in all the nations of the world, etc. These are the wicked devils behind it, and they are doing the beckon call of their father the devil, who is a liar and murderer and the father of it (John 8:44), who "cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:" (John 10:10a). And its this very deminic being, Satan, the Antichrist, the one behind all this, to whom they have sold their souls.

Rachel Notley and the NDP are also part and parcel with that pogrom.

Campaign Rachel Notley wants you to forget Premier Rachel Notley! (click on the link)

Those were dark days when they led this province for the first and only time ever, as this video highlights: and this one:

The NDP were either doormats or total enablers in their only term in power. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walked all over Alberta as the feds brought job-killing, sector-smashing regulations to the oil and gas industry, causing companies to cancel projects and take capital and investment to other jurisdictions.

Let’s consider the risky, expensive and divisive policies of Rachel Notley's NDP. Those were dark days for our economy...

97 tax increases

Record debt

Bankruptcies up 25%

Insolvencies up 75%

183,000 lost jobs

36,000 people fled Alberta (including my family and I!)

Exports down 48%

Average wages down $6,400/yr

Let's never forget how they teamed up to destroy Alberta's economy:

Scrapping the Northern Gateway pipeline

Regulating the Energy East pipeline out of existence

Giving Quebec a veto over efforts to revive Energy East

Passing a tanker ban and no-more-pipelines law

Foreign-funded campaigns to landlock our resources

Massive new red tape for businesses

Hitting employers hard with a 20% NDP tax hike

New WCB payroll taxes, and sadly a lot more.

And let's not forget about the Fort Mac Fire 👉🏻

The NDP stood with Justin Trudeau at every opportunity...

➡️ Implementing the Liberal-NDP carbon tax

➡️ Allowing the no-more-pipelines law to pass

➡️ Regulating the Energy East pipeline out of existence

3. Because of who created the NDP, funds the NDP, and then incessantly attacks the UCP.

This tweet tells the story:

Friends, these people are pathologically evil. There is a reason why the national director of the NDP used to be the leader of the Communist Party of Canada, Anne McGrath.

4. The NDP are Nazis, lovers of Socialism and Communism, in alignment with the Liberal party of Canada, of which all three theories are extreme evil political and economical theories and practices.

Extreme, far-left and communist ideology runs rampant in Rachel Notley’s NDP. The NDP party, both federally and provincially, is chock full of radical and evil diabolical leftists, socialists and communists.

Is it any surprise when we come to understand that the entire party was built upon communism? The national director of the NDP used to be the leader of the Communist Party of Canada, Anne McGrath. The NDP, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party all hang out together at the Red Star pub in Edmonton.

The NDP Constitution reads just like Karl Marx.

The NDP is explicitly in favour of socialist/communistic policies. This is no secret, either, because the NDP’s socialist agenda is outlined in the party’s constitution:

“1.03 The purpose of the Party is to promote the principles of democratic socialism in Alberta and to establish and maintain a democratic socialist government in Alberta through the electoral process.”

NDP's track record alone proves this point. Everything they pushed and did four years ago was in alignment with the destructive elements of socialism and communism.

When you read the Leap Manifesto, you note that everything the NDP political group is doing aligns with Socialism and Communism. What is the Leap Manifesto? It is a Socialist/Communist-driven Canadian political manifesto that was issued by a coalition of environmentalists, Indian, labour, and "faith" leaders, authors, and artists in Sept of 2015 in the context of that year's Canadian federal election campaign and Alberta's Provincial election campaign. The document proposes broad changes to Canadian society and economics in the name of the scam and absurd lie of "climate change" through a policy framework that also addresses issues of wealth and income inequality, "racism," and colonialism. In other words, destruction of freedom of speech, religion and thought, and anti-White and anti-Christian sentiment, including destruction of Canadian history. Its a means to bring ultimate destruction to Canada, under the pretence and guise of philanthropy and humanism. "For the greater good" of course, which happens to be the same promise of Mao, Satlin, Lennin, Pol Pot, etc, all evil communist dictators. Its wicked but its socialism in action today with the ultimate goal of communism, which both the NDP and Liberal parties are completely bought into, especially the NDP whom are known as the Communist Party of Alberta. Hence why Canada's illegitimate PM Trudy Castro says he has the greatest of respect and lust for the Dictatorship of China. These are evil and inhumane twins, while Socialism, which is already entrenched in Canada, is nothing more than ultimate government control and merely a baby step to full communism.

Take it from an expert:

"The goal of socialism is communism." — Vladimir Lenin

Being a rabidly pro-baby murder (abortion) party is shameful and evil enough, but to be pro-abortion and socialist/communist is a really bad mix. That means they would have no problem putting anyone to death that doesn't agree with them.

I would say the entire NDP part is made up of Socialists/Communists/Marxists. Further below you will see many NDPers embracing communism, which is the end game of Socialism. NDP is Socialist presently, but they aren't hiding their true nature which is Communist. Many people do not understand the difference between these two evil cousins, but here is an informative piece on the difference to help understand:

"Too many of us are still clueless about socialism and communism. I blame biased media and fuzzy thinking. . . .Still, sometimes, the truth leaks out. Last year, The Washington Post published a long piece by Ilya Somin. It’s about the ‘greatest mass murderer’ in the world. . . . Guess who wins that grim prize. . . . It’s Mao Zedong, the leader of China’s communist revolution. ‘From 1958 to 1962,’ Somin notes, ‘his Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of up to 45 million people--easily making it the biggest episode of mass murder ever recorded.’ Let that sink in. In under five years, a government led by one man murdered 45 million of its own people. Scholars have long known the basic stats. But historian Frank Dikötter has shown [Mao’s Great Famine, 2011] that the number is larger than previously thought. And many more of the deaths were deliberate, rather than ‘just’ the outcome of bad policies that led to famine. Millions were tortured to death, often for minor crimes like digging up a potato. . . . Lots of people seem to think ‘communism’ just means ‘bad socialism.’ But that ignores the meaning of words and Marxist theory itself . . . Here’s a brief primer: Marx and his disciples claimed that ‘capitalism’ must give way to ‘socialism,’ where private property would be abolished and an all-powerful state would own everything on behalf of the people. That’s what Marx meant by the word socialism, and that’s the main dictionary definition. This was only supposed to be a stage, though, not the end of all our strivings. At some point, under socialism, people would lose their silly fondness for property, family, religion, and other evils. A ‘new socialist man’ would emerge and then the state would ‘wither away.’ Everyone would enjoy peace, prosperity, and the brotherhood of man. Marx and his acolytes called that final, stateless paradise ‘communism.’ Here’s the point: Those regimes led by mass murderers with their gulags, death camps, man-made famines and killing fields were socialist. That’s not slander. It’s what these countries called themselves. USSR stood for the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.’ You gotta break millions of eggs with socialism to make the communist omelet. . . . That was sort of the theory anyway. In practice, socialism has just been evil. Unremitting evil, wherever it’s tried. Have a look at North Korea and now Venezuela. Socialism doesn’t lead to a higher plane of existence or a stateless utopia. It leads to a bottomless pit of immorality, poverty, and death. Why would we expect anything different? It’s based on a false view of human nature, history, labor, property, economic value, capital, and the role of prices.” (Jay Richards, “What’s the Difference?” The Stream, Aug 7, 2017)

How evil has Socialism/Communism been?

In the last century, the Nazi's, which were Socialist, murdered 12 to 15 million. The Commie's murdered >100 million. Think about that number for a second, and consider how many that really is.

  • Mao — >77 million Chinese.

  • Stalin — >40 million Russians.

  • Pol Pot — >2 million Cambodians.

  • Et cetera.

  • Che and Fidel killed more people per capita in Cuba than did Stalin in Russia! After Che left Cuba, he went to Bolivia to get involved in another "Revolution." When he surrendered to the Bolivian Army he told the General he would be a great asset. The General put him in the lockup and the next morning he was executed by a firing squad. This is what true justice of evil Communist revolutionaries looks like.

Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot were Socialists, like the Liberal and NDP parties of Canada.

NDP is Socialist/Communist, here right from the horses mouth:

NDP MLA (Edmonton-Ellerslie) Rod Loyola praises socialist/communist Kleptocrat monster Hugo Chavez:

This communist NDP evil beast is seen in the following picture marching in a Communist Party delegation (click on pic for article):

"Loyola performed as a pro-communism rapper in 2007, where he called for a revolution against capitalism and lionized communist leaders such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro." He stated, “Throwin' it down like a real revolutionary, climbing mountains like Guevara, attacking like Fidel at the Moncada, yellin' victory on horseback into Santa Clara,” (Western Standard)

In the case of yet another NDP candidate, Diana Batten (Calgary-Acadia), she retweeted a since-deleted post commemorating American hacker Aaron Swartz from an account which praised communism, ("VOTE COMMUNIST May 4th" -- our emphasis) in November of last year:

If its not homicidal violence, than its suicidal violence that Communism leads to, since its very foundations are bred in evolution, which is Satanically evil and relegates mankind and life to nothing, to vanity, to empty space. But boy, will they have a rude awakening when they open their eyes in the eternal fires of hell.

Swartz should have surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of his soul instead of to Satan and his minions, just like Batten and all the rest of the evil NDP party need to, and they will find rest unto their soul. The Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed:

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." (Matthew 11:28-30)

Gurinder Brar, NDP Candidate for Calgary-North East, shared posts on Facebook with quotes from murderous Communist dictator Mao Zedong — “Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? This is a question of the first importance for the revolution.” Not only that, Brar advocated for "armed war" in another post of Mao in 2016 (which he has since then deleted), which had a photo and quote from Mao "As far as people’s desires are concerned, they do not want to fight for one day. However, if circumstances force us to fight, we can fight to the finish,” to which Brar wrote:

"Those who say armed war is not the solution, read carefully."

Also back in 2016, Brar shared a since-deleted post joking about Santa Marx in 2016:

Yet another since-deleted post with a quote from Mao asking who are the people’s enemies and friends in 2017:

How evil and Satanic was captain Maoyonnaise really?

He was probably the greatest mass murderer of all time (barring the true statistics of the covid death shot, i.e., "vaccine," which could easily be in the tens of millions, if we will ever truly know those numbers). During his political reign, Mao Tse Tung was responsible for murdering in the ballpark of 77 million people while enforcing his "Great Leap Forward", and he "purged" millions more during what he called "The Cultural Revolution." Let that number sink in. In under five years, a government led by one man murdered way, way more people than they every estimated, predicating up to 80 million Chinese. Interestingly, Mao is reported to have said the following:

"Chinese socialism is founded upon Darwin and the theory of evolution."

The silver medal of mass murder goes to Joseph Stalin, who similarly saw the value of evolution to his plans for a collectivist state, purged, starved and forced into prison camps people out of their own property and into acceptance of the ideology where God is replaced by government, was responsible for the murder of around 40 million Russians. The false presumption that evolution is a scientific fact, disproving God and validating the philosophy of "might makes right," has justified terrible atrocities in the post-Darwin twentieth century. Darwinism isn't just responsible for the physical death of hundreds of millions, it has led to the spiritual death of even more hundreds of millions of people who prefer to live in a universe where God allegedly does not exist. Thankfully, God is opening the eyes of many to the truth found in the pages of the Bible – that we are not the product of evolution but were created by a loving God and Creator, who gave His life for us, for our sins, so that through repentance and faith we can have eternal life.

"I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish." (Luke 13:1-5)
"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." (Eph 2:8-9)

It’s unsurprising to see so many NDP candidates openly support communist dictators and call for violent revolution. Of course not revolution for righteous and godly purposes but for evil, to bringing the people under the control of a dictator by violent means and then murdering most of the population. That is what these wicked devils are advocating for and many of these happen to be immigrants, which once again reiterates the importance of a ZERO immigration policy for security and safety purposes (with the exception of critical jobs that require the people).

What I would like to know is why are these blatant evil enemies of all Canadians even here in Canada to start with? Why don't they pack their junk and move to a communist hell-hole somewhere in the world so they can fulfill their revolutionary dreams? Let's see how that will go.

But one thing is certain. These communist-minded individuals are enemies of mankind in general and Albertans in particular, and not only should they not exist anywhere on a political platform but not even in Alberta. They should be taken to the train station and deported or thrown in prison for treason.

Obviously something is attracting pro-Communist, pro-Marxist people to the NDP party. Hmmm, I wonder what that might be.

Communism is totalitarianism. Communists rely on information control to secure power. Communists rely on coercion to control the masses.

It is true,

"Inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out." — David Horowitz

NDP voters are either frighteningly ignorant and uninformed or they are purposefully voting for the party that aligns with their mentality and philosophy, which means they embrace the horrific and evil atrocities committed by socialists and communists in the name of 'equality.' These are people among us.

Communism and Socialism have FAILED every time it has been tried on Planet Earth, and at the cost of more than hundred million lives. Yet these horrible fools think they can try just one more time and get it right. Wow. The sheer stupidity and foolishness is beyond reason. How terribly pathetic but it is the consequence of apostatizing from the truth of God's Word, from turning away from the true answer which is the Lord Jesus Christ, to a "utopian" society.

NDP's love for socialism and communism is also noted in their loyalty and love for unions. Lorne Gunter of the Edmonton Sun wrote an op-ed calling the NDP out of touch with ordinary Albertans. He calls them “hardly the party of the little guy, of ordinary taxpayers and working people” owing to the number of union leaders and activists who make up the party’s Board of Directors.

An element of this evil philosophy is keeping federal control over the people. That is why the RCMP exist across Canada, the brown shirt Nazis for the liberal and NDP party, who are enemies to our very freedom, and have no issue with breaking the law to stop peaceful protests, like here. And that is why Notley and the NDP want to keep these enemies of Albertans in the province. Karen Shaw, NDP Candidate for Morinville-St Albert, promised to keep the RCMP in Alberta. She promised that an NDP government would not implement an Alberta Police Force, saying it would not improve community safety.

Both socialism and communism of course are of the most awful, horrible evils known to mankind, having slaughtered hundreds of millions of people over the last century alone, from China, to Vietnam to Cuba to Venezuela to North Korea and beyond, and its "progressives" that love this evilness.

Our communist opportunistic liberal government demonstrated their reprobate and evil nature when they enacted wicked draconian rules through coercion and fear mongering to force people to submit to the fraudulent Chinese virus (which is less severe and contagious than the regular flu) while dangling money in front of the noses of blind citizens to compel submission. That is communism in action.

Why is there a communist party in Canada (and two communist parties in the USA) when we have gone overseas to fight these evils. Nazism by the way is left wing not right. Both ideologies align with one another. The agenda: Ban free speech. Propagandize. Confiscate firearms. Attack religion. Align government with corporations to freeze bank accounts and silence opposition like what happened with Trudy Castro in the Trucker Convoy Protest in Ottawa winter of 2022 and the Demoncrats south of our border on twitter to silence the Hunter Biden laptop story. Hitler once said,

"The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms; history shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjected people to carry arms have prepared their own downfall.”

Why would “right wingers” who “cling to their guns and bibles” be Nazis if they’re going to have their guns and religions confiscated. They wouldn't. There is a reason why left wingers and Moslems cooperate. The left (NDPers, Liberals, Demoncrats, etc) riot, murder and steal, because they are the children and imitators of their father the devil, who is a murderer, liar and thief from the beginning and the father of these evils:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44)

It is absolutely absurd to think that people would accept socialism and communism, yet that is exactly what is occurring across North America in young voters, and its rapidly growing! It is however the product of gross and frightful ignorance. WAY too many people continue to be clueless about socialism and communism. I blame the biased fake news media and fuzzy complacent thinking for most of it, but more importantly, a rejection of the Word of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, the primary reason. Communism and socialism are about as God-less as they come.

There is really no difference between communism and its evil twin, socialism, both of which are anti-human philosophies which must be destroyed. Canada is a Socialism experiment in progress. Socialism however is merely a stepping stone to communism and communism is 100% evil.

That means the NDP party is 100% evil. Thats about right. They are "evil beasts" (Titus 1:12) and "natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed" (2 Peter 2:12).

Notley is a brown shirt lying communist, along the same lines as Hitler, Stalin and Mao:

5. Because they are proponents of Globalism, of the Great Reset, so as to destroy Alberta and bring Albertans into poverty and dependant upon the Government. They would be an economic disaster.

This also has its roots in communism and socialism.

The NDP’s proposed 38% corporate tax hike (many of which are large job creators) would result in an investment loss of $1.1 billion in addition to the loss of 33,700 jobs (source), which isn't anything new since that is exactly what she did last time she was Premier, including implementing a carbon tax (source). The Alberta Enterprise Group expressed concern about the NDP’s plan to raise corporate taxes. The group said that such a move “may cost Alberta both investment and jobs across the whole economy with a negative impact on the petrochemical and clean-tech industries in particular.”

Rachel Notley’s net-zero electricity grid plans are a terrible idea - and even the Saskatchewan NDP thinks so too! Last time they were in power (and the only time they have ever been in power) they were responsible for an increase in monthly power bills by speeding up the phase-out of Alberta coal power plants, to net-zero by 2035.

The destruction of the province's economy by the NDP is 100% purposeful (and not for the intentions they claim) and its purely Satanic. It is evil and precisely the MO of the devil, who “cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:” (John 10:10a).

Unsurprising, both the federal NDP leader (Jagmeet Singh) and Alberta's provincial leader (Rachel Notley) are faithful members of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the leaders of the world on Globalism and woke and everything evil, including all the unrest, electoral fraud, and evil agendas being promoted around the world.

Again, this is what the wicked witch of the wild west had to say, cementing in the fact that she is an utter enemy to every single Albertan:

Funny how she isn't being that honest right now during her campaign, about her true nefarious and evil agenda.

And this is why she fully supports “just transition” (a play on words, by the wicked demon in chief, Trudy Castro) which is 100% geared towards destroying Alberta’s oil and gas industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs with it. Again, click the picture"

The entire purpose of the NDP party, like the evil Liberal party, is to destroy Canada. The objective is to bring Canadians into poverty, the Great Reset, with everybody under the control of the government. It is communism wrapped up in unsuspecting words to the gullible and naive mind, calling good evil and evil good. Hence the covid plandemic, which destroyed millions of lives and businesses.

This point dovetails with the previous point. To get a population from socialism (which is Canada currently) to communism, its middle class must be eradicated. For that they needed the covid scam/plandemic, and the ongoing destruction through the intentional inflation and other means.

The NDP party would almost certainly implement the left’s Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) agenda, given the opportunity. If you haven’t heard of ESG, that’s no mistake. While we’re distracted with Ukraine, inflation, elections, etc, evil Left wing radicals are quietly coordinating with the private sector to advance a policy that would destroy what remains of the free market. ESG is used to prop up woke companies no matter what, and destroy the companies that resist their agenda. What is ESG? ESG eliminates the illusion of choice. They’re social credit scores, but for businesses, and if they succeed in bringing that kind of communism to the private sector, it’s only a matter of time before they bring it to our individual lives – punishing us for when we challenge the Regime, and rewarding us for when we obey it.

It is socialist/communist/marxist and its hidden with obscure language within the NDP's communist manifesto. It fits their bill precisely.

6. Because they are haters and despisers of what has prospered Alberta and Albertans (and much of the rest of Canada): Oil and Gas, hence Net Zero.

Rachel Notley fully supports “just transition” which is 100% geared towards destroying Alberta’s oil and gas industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs with it.

And so do her party leaders:

The NDP executive board (its board of directors, if you will), is chockablock full of unionists and activists whose beliefs are far removed from those of ordinary Albertans. They are dialled into their endeavour to destroy Alberta because of their hatred for people, for God and for Christians. That is ultimately the underlying reason for their evil.

Rachel Notley and her entire crew of anti-Albertans are major pushers of net-zero. What is net-zero? Elimination of all fossil fuels with the alleged objective of zero carbon footprint. It's a lie and it's impossible, merely a facade with the real intentions being the destruction of economy and livelihoods. Though it's roots can be traced to the globalists/WEF, Trudeau's hatred for the west is go blame as well. The fact that Notley is onboard this black train, tells you everything about her sentiment towards the very place she wants to run. She hates Alberta, just like her masters in Ottawa.

Yet this wicked witch has the gall to say she wants to “Build a better future.” Wow. That is the most outrageous lie I have ever heard. NDP is all about destruction. Rachel Notley will cost Albertans $87BILLION if elected by promising a NATgas JUST TRANSITION phase out made to Justin Trudeau in a B.S. effort to tackle "Climate Change." This will increase energy bills by 40% retroactively increasing your cost of living on everything else. Wow Big Surprise, the NDP us going to crush your quality of life once again.

Rachel Notley will cost Albertans $87 BILLION if elected by promising a NATgas JUST TRANSITION phase out made to Justin Trudeau in a B.S. effort to tackle "Climate Change." This will increase energy bills by 40% retroactively increasing your cost of living on everything else. Wow Big Surprise, the NDP us going to crush your quality of life once again.

A vote for the NDP is a vote for your province to give more money to the country of Quebec, and for the tax payers of Alberta to subsidize the electricity for the people of Quebec and Trudeau to shut down all your O/G, mining, For Mac, to name a few, Trudeau wants to sell of more of Canada to China so good bye to a good portion of your beautiful province. This is part of the Trudeau campaign of Trudeaus father giving the west the finger.

The following deeply disturbing comments were made by Kevin Van Tighem, Rachel Notley's handpicked candidate in Livingstone-Macleod, about Albertans and our crucial oil and gas industry:

If that wasn't enough, Van Tighem's book continues to spew vitriol towards our oil and gas industry.

In a shocking comparison, he equates oil and gas development to slavery, stating,

"Alberta's enslaved landscapes were never unemployed to start with. And most of the jobs we force them to do impair their ability to do their real work. That's how slavery works; it makes bosses rich by stealing the energies of their slaves."

He shamelessly celebrated the cancellation of the Northern Gateway pipeline, declaring, "Oil sucks. And we're the suckers."

In the same book, Van Tighem infers energy workers are ignorant and prejudiced, saying,

"I don't like how the lure of oil money made kids drop out of high school and hurry off to the oil camps to make it big, giving up on the acquisition of knowledge and absorbing, instead, the prejudices of their mostly male co-workers."

These abhorrent comments by Van Tighem are not isolated incidents but a consistent display of his disdain for Albertans and our oil and gas sector. It's worse than when the NDP called Albertans "sewer rats" or "embarrassing cousins." It's repulsive. We can't risk letting Alberta be governed by a wicked party, NDP, ,who want to destroy our biggest industry and our livelihoods. Van Tighem responded to all the criticism by saying that “insights evolve” and that oil will be a vital part of our future. This is also a lie. He, like the rest of the NDP, is a wicked lying evil beast. Three UCP candidates, RJ Sigurdson (Highwood), Devin Dreeshen (Innisfail-Sylvan Lake), and Chantelle de Jonge (Chestermere-Strathmore), addressed the comments at a media availability, calling it the most disgusting thing that the NDP has called Albertans since 2019’s “sewer rats” comment.

Why promote poverty and middle class destruction? Control. Power. Envy. Hatred. Money. Globalist agenda. All of the above.

7. Because Notley puts Albertans last, sharing her hatred of Alberta with the illegitimate totalitarian tyrant and leader of the liberal party, Trudy Castro.

The NDP puts Albertans last by actively promoting evil and woke agendas like defunding the police.

This seems to be a NDP problem across the board by the looks of it, which makes sense since a wicked communist party would flock together as they are the same birds of a feather (please pardon the vulgar language):

Rachel Notley was asked a direct question on TV, on May 27, 2023:

"If you become premier, what does your relationship look like with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?"